These are all the blog posts that don't really fit anywhere else.

  1. Apple Cake
  2. My first awkward review
  3. Second terrible awkward review
  4. My first reading slump since I started blogging
  5. A nothing post, guess I was bored (Hence the title)
  6. Slump Recovery
  7. A list of 2014 Books I Was Looking Forward To
  8. Joining BlogLovin'
  9. Book Slump #2
  10. Book Genre "Discussion"
  11. Lazy Monday
  12. Books That I Read I Didn't Make a Blog Post For
  13. Breaking Resolutions Already...
  14. Disappointing Books
  15. Life Update
  16. No Friday 56 again this week
  17. Book Slump #3
  18. Where I get Free Books
  19. Going on a Hiatus
  20. Review: Shadowhunters Season One

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