Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ugh... Allergies. Oh and books.

Summer is upon us, and I hate it. Summer time for me means allergies and a very fussy me. I hate the heat of summer, and I hate that I have allergies even more. Ever since I went to Romania I have had the worst allergies. I walk outside on a dry hot day and pollen and dust just attack my fave like the Romans did to Troy. And this year my apartment has a little garden out front, so the best time I can work out there is in the morning before it gets too hot and the pollen gets bad. 

 On a different note, I have read a lot more books lately. Uh, I didn't make it very far into Matched before I got bored with the story, I made it 30 pages in. I just finished the third Percy Jackson book, they are getting better. I have read so many books since December I can't even name them all. So I'll just name my favorites and the ones that I think are interesting. Divergent is in my top 5 new favorite books. So good, I really like those dystopian stories, and quite a few of them try too hard. Delirium was also pretty good, but not quite as good as The Hunger Games or Divergent. Shatter Me, is a really different take on that genre, and Unravel Me, its sequel so far, is also pretty good. But I can not forget the shining jewel of books I have read this year; Clockwork Princess. That book, oh my that book. It had me smiling, it had me crying, it had me wanting to throw the book across the room. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. It is the best book Cassandra Clare has written. I can only hope that the final book in her TMI series and the other series's she is writing is written as good as Clockwork Princess

I found a book series that focuses around Norse Mythology (Dead Embers [Book Two], Dead Radiance [Book one]). The main character is a Valkyrie, which is what drew me to the story. There are so many books that have come out, that are coming out that are biased on Vampires and Angels. A story that focuses on Norse Mythology is quite interesting and very different. Norse mythology is one of the more interesting mythologies out there. But  have to admit that one of my other favorite series that I read this year is biased on Angels, well, fallen angels. And while I like the books the titles are just terrible. It's the Hush,Hush series. I found a couple of fairly good books about Werewolves, but it is hard to find books about Shapeshifters that don't suck, or bring in another supernatural being. 
Well now that I talked about the good... I have to mention the bad. I found a series that is worse than Twilight, I didn't think it was possible. It was so bad, I didn't even finish the series, I mean Twilight kept me interested enough to the end of the series. It's the Fallen series, I do not recommend it at all. I read all the way to through to halfway into the third book. It was an interesting concept but nothing ever really happened. So that's my reading adventures since December.

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