Monday, September 29, 2014

Book slumps

Book slumps are some of the worst things to be stuck in. While I may have been reading books between now and my last post, they were books that I had so little to say about, it would be pointless in trying to write something.

A few of those books were part of novella series, which all the books aren't out yet, and as soon as they are and I read them, I will be making a post for the novella series.

But a couple were just books that I didn't enjoy at all, and skimmed most of the book because either the characters, or just the story it self interested me so little I just had nothing to say that could be classified as an actual blog post.

I was bound to hit one of these sooner or later considering how many books I have consumed in the past couple months alone. 

Maybe I need to take a day to get my head on straight so I can dive back into the electronic pile of books I need to get through.

Feel free to give me your tips on how to get over book hangovers.


  1. Book slumps are the worse. I am having that problem somewhat right now. I know what book I want to read but it is not at the library yet and nothing else is holding my attention. Maybe doing something that tires you out so you just want to relax on the couch and read something to recharge.

    1. Well I donated blood the other day so that actually helped. :D


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