Monday, May 13, 2013

What not to do when reading books....

     I recommend to never go from reading one dystopian book to another. I read four in a row (I am on the fifth) and I think it's starting to get to me. And since the ones I've read are mostly the sequels of the first books in their respective series's, I don't have the conclusion to the story to either make me feel better or to make me have "the feels". I'm left in this vortex of uncertainty wondering what is going to happen to these characters I've grown to love. I think it starting to make me nervous, and might just be leaking into my personal life. I keep having to make sure I just don't randomly blurt out things like "What is going to happen to Four and Tris?" "What is going on with Warner and Juliette, and is Adam ok?" "Will June and Day make it through safely?" "What's going to happen to Alex and Lena" 
It's kind of becoming pathetic.  And I'm only a little ashamed of myself over it all. A good book should make you feel so connected with the characters, and characters you connect to bring you into the book and story with them.

Legend #1
     So basically I have been dragging myself through these multiple dystopian societies. And I end up feeling all the heartbreak these fictional characters feel and its starting to affect me. I just read Legend, by Marie Lu. Oh my, so many feels. I think this book got to me the most, and now that I'm reading its sequel Prodigy, I am starting to think I need to take a small break. So many heart-wrenching things happened in Legend and so many things have already happened in the 120 pages I've read so far in this sequel. The relationship between June and Day is interesting and kind of sweet. He makes her not so hard and cold while she gives him the strength to believe that he can be more. They better each other, rather than just one bettering the other. I think June is my favorite female charter in YA fiction, only next to Tris. Well, June, Tris, and Isabelle are the best female characters in books out there.
But what has happened so far between Day and June, it makes me nervous for them. I love them together and I want them to stay that way. There is so much potential for their character development, and it could go either way for both of them. As I said, I'm only 120 pages into the sequel, 120 pages out of 371 that's not even half way, and the plot is already getting me so nervous for everything that could happen. I mean I can safely assume that neither of them dies because the third book has both of them in it, but so many other things can go wrong, and it's making me nervous.

Ok, enough of this. I just need to hurry and finish the book so I can move on to another book to distract me from all the heartbreak that I have been reading. I should read something more upbeat when I'm done reading Prodigy, something Jane Austin has written.

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