Monday, November 22, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love An Update On

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I think there was a topic similar to this a few years ago, and I've read so many books since then and found more characters I would love to hear from again. Let's hope I can narrow it down.

1) Jude and Cardan, The Folk of Air series - There is more that can be told here I think. I just like the character growth they both had, and I'd like to see where they are 10 years later.

2) Clara, The Nature of Witches - I kind of want to re-read this, already. She put herself through a lot, in a way. From survival's guilt, that became tied with self-doubt that lead her further down a spiral. But then she pulled herself out of it. 

3) Lena and Campbell, I'm Not Dying with You Tonight - Things ended kind of abruptly in this book with a lot of unanswered questions. And I'd like to know if they became some-what friends after the night they survived together. 

4) Cass and Gideon, The Once and Future Queen Series - Things with them ended a little open-ended in my opinion. I'd like to know if they ever fully reconciled and how they got the people together after the end of the events of the series. 

5) Everybody from, Throne of Glass Series - I have a strange urge to re-read the series from start to finish. It's been a long time since I read the first book, and even longer since I've read the Prequel Novellas. I'm just curious how consistent her world-building is. It's easy to miss plotholes as you're reading the series over the course of years as they're coming out. 

6) Magnus and Cleo, Falling Kingdoms series - Honestly, my favorite 'Enemies to lovers' story. He was never her enemy, even though he did hurt someone she loved, but how they slowly fall in love is so believable to me. I was rooting for them since book 2, well before either of them "knew" they loved each other. I just love them together.

7) The Crows, Six of Crows duology - I have yet to read Rule of Wolves, so maybe they make cameos in that book, and I've heard rumors that Bardugo is going to write a third book for the Crows. But until I get a solid announcement, and read the second book in Nikolai's series I will keep wishing and hoping to see them again.

8) Lazlo and Sarai, Strange the Dreamer duology - The tease of characters in Daughter of Smoke and Bone, at the end of Muse of Nightmares... I can hope and dream for a novella or something to tie them together even more. I know it is unlikely, but I would read it if Ms.Taylor wrote it.

9) Spook, Mistborn Era 1 - I have yet to read any of Era 2 of Mistborn. Maybe all the questions I have about where he ended up, will be answered there. 

10) Évike and Gáspár, The Wolf and the Woodsman - While things got wrapped up, I just want to visit these characters and this world again. 


  1. I bet Lena and Campbell did stay friends. Probably not besties, but at least friends. How do you go through the experiences they did together and not be solidly bonded?

    Happy TTT!

  2. I haven't read the two most recent Grishaverse books either but I'd love to see The Crows again.

    Lauren @ Always Me

  3. I never did get to Falling Kingdoms. Those covers always jumped out at me though. I still need to read Holly Black's series also...