Thursday, July 15, 2021

Review: Red Tigress by Amélie Wen Zhao

 Red Tigress
Author: Blood Heir Trilogy #2
Series: Amélie Wen Zhao
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2021
Edition: Kindle Edition, 464 pages
Source: Library
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   Ana Mikhailov is the only surviving member of the royal family of Cyrilia. She has no army, no title, and no allies, and now she must find a way to take back the throne or risk the brutal retribution of the empress. Morganya is determined to establish a new world order on the spilled blood of non-Affinites. Ana is certain that Morganya won't stop until she kills them all.
   Ana's only chance at navigating the dangerous world of her homeland means partnering with Ramson Quicktongue again. But the cunning crime lord has schemes of his own. For Ana to find an army, they must cross the Whitewaves to the impenetrable stone forts of Bregon. Only, no one can be certain what they will find there.
   A dark power has risen. Will revolution bring peace--or will it only paint the streets in more blood.

   I initially read this book back in December of last year from NetGalley, but I was in a weird reading slump and wasn't really retaining anything I read, and didn't share my not-so-good review here on my blog. I had planned on re-reading it sooner than now, but I just keep requesting other books from NetGalley and putting books on hold at my library. Still am, but I have things under control a little better now, I think. I finished this book nearly a week ago and am only now getting this review done. 

   Anyway, this book was really intense. There's a lot of action early on, a betrayal, and some scheming, an escape, and a sea voyage. I forgot who some of the side characters were, but the book did a good job of reminding me.  

   Most of this book has Ana struggling to find some steady footing, she gets some of that with a new unexpected ally. She has her small group, but being in a foreign country and a hostile government that has secrets, things aren't going as smoothly as they'd hoped. There was a small lull in the middle of this book that slowed things down for me. But once I got through the slow part things ramped up very quickly. 

   The ending of this book makes me very anxious for the third book and where things might be heading. I am very nervous for Ana, Linn, and Ramson. 
There was an epilogue that has thrown another obstacle in her way, and I have no idea or guesses for what that could do for her plans. And I have a suspicion about one of the characters who is part of the rebellion, his loyalties were already suspect from something he did near the start of the book. 

   I am nervous and excited to read the final book in this sereis. I have no idea what to expect.

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