Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters You Just Didn't Click With

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1. America Singer - More than once during The Selection series I really wanted to stuff her in a barrel. She is the most indecisive and infuriating character I have ever read. There are a number of characters I didn't really like from that series. I may have given it a semi-high rating, but that doesn't mean in anyway I thought the series was low on flaws. I just took it for what it was, a really fluffy romance that occasionally tired to have a deeper plot.

2. All the characters from Twilight - They were all boring, dull, annoying and painfully one dimensional characters. I read all the books shortly after the last one came out just so I could figure out what all the hype was about. Needless to say, I was not impressed. I saw 2 of the movies because my slightly younger cousin wanted me to go with her to see them. The only good thing about the movies was Bella's dad.

3. Evelyn from Words Once Spoken - This character had the most annoyingly cliche personality of YA fantasy. This is what happens when people ask for "strong" female character over interesting characters. 

4. Quinn from The Elemental series - She's one of those people that seems to only act like a friend when she needs something from you. Through most of the first book the MC, Becca, is going through a lot of crazy stuff that she just doesn't want to talk about, and doesn't know how to explain with out sounding crazy herself. And her "best friend" kept getting all pissy with her when Becca didn't drop everything to deal with Quinn's drama.  I hate those kinds of people.

5. Nora (during at least the first two books) Hush, Hush - For someone we are told is smart, she was really gullible as well as quick to judge through most of this series. She doesn't start to get interesting as a character on her own until about the last 30 pages of the second book. Before that, I just really wanted to stuff her in a barrel along side America Singer.

6. Ismae from Grave Mercy - If you read my review, You'll know that she was part of a story that to me was almost identical to a book I read a few years before, that I felt was written better. She was just so boring and I didn't really care about her or what she was doing past the opening chapter of the book.

7. Cleo from Falling Kingdoms - She is my least favorite character of the series, right after Jonas. She is self-righteous, often petty, and all around annoying. It also makes absolute no sense that all these men seem to be falling in love with her left and right. It bothers me because there really is nothing special about her. She's just supposed to be really pretty. I guess that warrants every guy she kisses' love.

8. Britt in particular from Black Ice - I think I just hated her character more than anything. I found nothing about her even mildly likable. She bothered me from page one. I only finished the book because I kept hoping that she'd die.

9. All the characters from the Fallen Crest series - First and foremost I should say that I love these books, I also still kind of love the characters. The problem I have with them is that are just not relatable on any level. The lives they live are not something I can fathom existing in any realm of reality. They often do things that would land any normal person in prison/jail, and get away with it completely. (setting cars on fire in a gas station parking lot for example). 

10. All the characters from the Fallen series - Same problem I had with Twilight. Only this series is worse. I couldn't finish it. I made it three books in because I kept hoping something would happen to explain what the SNARF was going on. (Spoiler... It never did) I just gave up on the series and am still annoyed that I wasted my time reading as much of the series as I did.


  1. I completely forgot about Ismae! I read Grave Mercy a few months back and was disappointed by how long and dull it turned out to be. America was absolutely infuriating. The entire book I was screaming MAKE UP YOUR MIND! And the characters from Twilight were pretty dull.

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  2. yep - totally agree with Twilight. I never have figured out what the deal is with that series and its popularity. My TTT

  3. Yes! I totally agree with you on the Fallen series! I don't know why I kept on making myself read those books. Luckily, I stopped halfway through the third one and gave up.

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  4. A couple of books on here I read a while back now and have to agree that I really struggled with them because I just found myself either disliking the characters or simply not caring about them. Twilight is one of those series where people either loved it or hated it, I was not a fan. And Fallen, I read the first book and simply could not bring myself to finish the series, it is awful when you commit and try and get through to only end up feeling like you've wasted time reading them and it definitely wasn't worth it. I'm a bit upset about Grave Mercy, it's a book I'm dithering about reading or not, I may still give it a chance but we shall see.

    1. The Assassins of Tamurin
      by S.D. Tower

      This is the book that I thought was really similar to Grave Mercy but was just all around more interesting and written better.

  5. Ahhh!! I feel ridiculously encouraged that you didn't like Ismae either! :P Everyone seems to adore her and I can't figure out why?! She seemed totally personality-less and, yup, you stuff her in that barrel. *nods* I'm not a fan of Nora either. She was so immature and stupid and just GAH. I HAVE NO TIME FOR THOSE KIND OF CHARACTERS.
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  6. I can see your point about all the characters from Twilight. I was entertained by the series, but I didn't think it was particularly well-written. Though, I did love Edward. Haha.

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  7. I felt the exact same way about Britt!

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  8. I haven't read any of these, but a lot of them I haven;t read because I worried I'd feel the same way you did. So basically, your list just saved me a lot of unhappy reading hours and made me feel good about my life choices ;)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight