Saturday, April 25, 2015

Waking the Dragon by Juliette Cross

Title: Waking the Dragon
Author: Juliette Cross
Series: Vale of Stars #1
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: June 9th 2015
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Romance
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     "The Gladium Province is on the verge of civil unrest as humans and Morgons, the dragon-hybrid race, clash once more. But amid disorder can also arise passion.
     When the bodies of three human women are discovered in Morgon territory—with the DNA of several Morgon men on the victims—it’s just a matter of time before civil unrest hits the Province. But for ambitious reporter Moira Cade, it’s more than just a story, and it may mean risking her own life.
     Descending into the dark underworld of Morgon society, Moira is paired with Kol Moonring, Captain of the Morgon Guard, for her protection. Fiercely independent, Moira bristles at his dominance, and defies his will at every turn. Yet resistance proves futile when passion flares between them, awakening powerful emotions within both, body and soul. But as the killings continue, can their fiery newfound bond survive an even greater evil—one that threatens all of humanity, Morgonkind, and Moira’s very soul?"

     I really enjoyed this book. It started out a little slow, and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it quickly turned into a fast paced action packed and exciting book, with a sassy female lead and an equally dominate male lead.

Along with the banter between the two main characters is a really engaging plot, loaded with mystery. Who is behind the murders, and why are they doing what they are doing it? These questions kept me engaged, and the banter added some needed lightness to an other wise pretty dark story. This is the first book in a sequel series to her Nightwing series, but you don't have to read it first, though I heard it's recommended since it gives a little more information to the Morgon world.

I love books with two love interests that butt heads. Sure sweet, romance is nice, but for some reason, I find those less enjoyable to read than ones where they kind of hate each other at first, and then give into their passions.  When it's revealed who, or rather what,  is behind the murders and kidnapping, it brought the story up quite a few notches to being a favorite.

Kol is a great character, I liked him a lot. While yes, he is a dominate male, he isn't annoyingly possessive and over-baring. Not like Moria, the female lead, would let him anyways. They are each other's equal and treat each other as such, another thing that I really liked about their chemistry. The romance wasn't the whole point of the story and it wasn't exactly at the forefront, but it was't really in the back ground either.  Cross, does a great job interweaving the plot of the murders and the growing attraction between Kol and Moria.

I am really looking forward to the next book.

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