Monday, February 19, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Have on my 'Want to Read' List, That I'll Probably Never Read

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I'm going to slightly alter this topic, to books I want to read, but probably never will. 

I had this book on my shelf for three years and I never made it past the first page. I was really excited to read it before I owned it. But as soon as it got to my shelf I just completely lost interest. I recently donated it.

I read the first two books years ago, something close to five years ago. The second book ended on a such a weird note that I was unsure if I actually wanted to read this third and I think final book. The world was interesting enough that I wasn't completely turned away from reading it. But at this point, it's been so long since I've read the first two that it's unlikely that I ever will read this.

I added this to read I don't even remember when. It still sounds interesting, but it's unlikely I'll ever get around to reading it. I don't own it, and I haven't had a chance to check if the library has it. 

This one actually still sounds interesting enough for me to hunt it down to read. Again, I'll be going with the library, as book buying is at a standstill until I read the ones I already own.

Unlikely to read this one since I've started hearing mixed this about this series. A re-read of the synopsis sounds a lot like a watered-down version of Across the Universe.

I must have added this one when I still liked Vampire books. After reading too many that sucked (no pun intended) I have lost interest in the genre of Vampires

Another Vampire book that was added back before the genre got stale for me.

I had to re-read what this book was about, I think I added it because at the time everyone and their Grandma was talking about this book and I jumped on that hype train but never got around to actually trying to read it. Which is fine, because I don't even like zombies.

Now, this one I most likely won't end up reading because it's been years and still hasn't been released in English, only in German. I want to finish reading this series, but I have to wait and by the time it's in English I will have completely lost interest.

The hype has just died for me, the concept still sounds interesting but I've had it on my want to read list for nearly 4 years.


  1. I actually really surprised myself by how much I fell in love with the Starbound books, if you liked Illuminae you might want to give it a try.

  2. It's been WAY too long since I read it, but I think I did enjoy These Broken Stars. Though I haven't read the rest of the series, so... hmm. I'm curious about Sally's books (if that's the series I'm thinking of) and I've seen SO much high praise for Maria's series. However, it's not one I've picked up that first book for.

    Happy Top Ten Tuesday!! :)

  3. I haven't read the rest of These Broken Stars series. It just doesn't seem to appeal to me now. Fabulous list! :-)

  4. I absolutely loved Half Bad, but I haven't been able to read the rest of the series because I'm too emotionally invested in the characters and I don't want anything bad to happen to them! Hated The Forest of Hands and Teeth series, though, which was a shame - they were a recommendation from an old friend, and I was so certain that they were going to become new favourites.

    I hope you enjoy these books if you get around to reading them!

    You can find my Top Ten Tuesday here.

  5. I really wanted to read Half Bad too when it came out but the reviews for the rest of the series put me off.. I don't think I will ever pick it up either. Great post!

  6. A Shade of Vampire made my list too. Some of these I have read and others are on my's hard to give up books/series! My Top Ten

  7. I haven't read any of these, but I would like to read Poison Study someday. I had a friend recommend it to me, and I trust her opinion. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  8. I remember thinking the Forest of Hands and Teeth sounded good, but I never did pick it up. Same w/ Poison Study...

  9. I haven’t read any of these. But yes, I wanted to read These Broken Stars at some point. I am not sure though, when that time will come :P

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