Thursday, June 29, 2017

Friday 56 and Book Beginnings: Our Only Chance: An A.I. Chronicle by Ray Else // Friday 50/50 Best and Worst Book Read in June

This is a weekly meme hosted by Freda's Voice
These are the rules:
1. Grab a book, any book.
2. Turn to page 56, or 56% on your eReader.
3. Find any sentence (or a few, just don't spoil it) that grabs you.
4. Post it.
5. Add the URL to your post in the link on Freda's most recent Friday 56 post.

Please join us over at RoseCityReader every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author’s name.

It seems I have beaten my reading slump. Thank you, Harry Potter, I knew it would help.

A different kind of Frankenstein.
Einna is a lot like other teenage girls, naive, idealistic, secretive, disobedient and interested in boys. Only Einna is not human, she is an A.I. android. Her creator, her mother, is Manaka Yagami, the first female tech billionaire. Einna has a plan to make herself human, if she can keep Mother in the dark and avoid the clutches of the notorious Yakuza.

Book Beginning:
Early morning in the high green hills overlooking the old capital of Japan, overlooking Kyoto, next to a stream chasing over gray pebbles, a young eagle with bristly brown feathers notices a woman in a white robe.

My 56:
Akagawa eyes cleared. He bowed to her, saying, "I promise, little Manaka. I'll protect you with my life.

50/50 Friday is a new weekly link up hosted by Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader and Laura @ Blue Eye Books.  Every week they have a new topic featuring two sides of the same coin - you share a book that suits each category and link up on the hosts' blogs.


I'm cheating a little... I just finished this one, and I've read it a few times before. But it is legitimately the best book I've read this month, in the top 5 best books I've read this year.


Christ, this book was a mess. Ameture writing, boring and forgetful characters. The plot was boring and poorly executed as well. It's pretty forgettable, but I also can't forget how bad this book is either.


  1. How interesting! I love that cover, and the excerpts are good too. Today I'm featuring The Precious One - here's the link - Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. At least you will remember the book...Glass Vault. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

    1. Haha, I don't remember much of the plot, only that it was just a bad book.

  3. Our Only Chance sounds really interesting - I like the idea of a modern day take on Frankenstein with AI and human issues - adding this to my list. Here's my Friday meme

  4. I'm definitely adding that to my tbr!

    You can never go wrong with HP!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  5. Sounds like a wonderful and rich in culture read! Have a great week ahead!