Sunday, August 14, 2016

Music Monday: What I listened to when I was 12

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This is going to be a little embarrassing. I had some pretty... odd taste in music when I was 12. Also, it was the late 90's so there were a good number of odd bands and groups that came out during that time. 

This was a group of sisters, I *think* they were from the UK. They kind of reminded me of TLC crossed with The Spice Girls. I have no idea if they are still making music. I'm pretty sure I found out about them because of the Disney Channel. For those of you that don't know, The Disney Channel used to feature live performances. N'Sync, Back Street Boys, ect. Pretty much any mid to late 90's groups were there. I think it was mostly during the summer months, but I don't really remember that well. That was a long time ago.

I shamelessly still really like this British Boy Band. Another group I found via Disney Channel. Music videos in the 90's were pretty bad. Looking back, I probably really shouldn't have been listening to this boy band, and I totally didn't get what this song was about back then.

I'm just now realizing how many of these were UK based. I found this group through their incredibly cheesy TV show. Even back then I knew the show was pretty terrible, but I liked the music so I watched for when they started singing. 


  1. Wow it's all coming back to me! :D The Disney Channel knew what they were doing when it came to music. Sadly Five wouldn't become a favorite boy band, but I did love this song back then! :D Great Music Monday! :D

  2. OH and I use to LOVE S Club 7!!! I watched their show EVERY weekend haha! :D

  3. I remember S Club 7 - haven't listened to them in ages! :D

    I don't remember the other two at all though... I'm pretty sure on When the Lights Go Out that if you didn't have it figured out by the rap you probably should have!

    Thanks again for linking up!