Sunday, August 2, 2015

The 80's Tag

Saw this tag on Lauren @ Always Me's blog. And if you have been following me for a while, you should know how much I love doing tags. So, here it goes. Also, fell free to do this tag if you want.

Favorite 80's Movie:
I still love this movie. And I had a crush on Atreyu as a kid.

Favorite 80's Cartoon:
 The only cartoon I can remember watching in the 80's, that's from the 80's is;

Favorite 80's TV show:
I even tried to dress like her, my mom wouldn't let me.

Favorite thing about the 80's:
Probably what they thought the year 2000 was going to look like.

Where were you in 1989?:
3 years old, so preschool

Favorite 80's Cereal:
Most of the cereal from the 80's is still around. 
I think I just ate Cheerios.

Favorite 80's Fashion trend:
I'm not sure if it's actually a trend or not, but maybe that people were more comfortable dressing how ever they wanted. People dressed more originally back then than they do now.

Favorite artist of the 80's:
Like there's any other choice...

Favorite song of the 80's:

Favorite 80's book:

Favorite 80's icon:

Favorite 80's crush:
Still is the crush of many women today...

Favorite toy from the 80's:

Favorite chocolate bar from the 80's:
It's a vague memory, but I remember liking 
Though I was more partial to sour candies back then. 
(From what I remember anyways)

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