Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books In a Dystopian Setting

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     My internet crapped out on me last night, then I was too tired to bother with it because it was late and I had a very long day. So that's why I'm not getting this done until now. 
     I'm going with Dystopian stories that have unique settings in comparison to other books in that genre. (Well, what I think is unique.)

     Sure, this book has some of the typical aspects of a dystopian, but the characters are different. And in this world, nobody is exempt from any of the bad stuff. The wealthy people are less likely to suffer, but a decent portion still do suffer.

     Honestly, this is probably one of the darker dystopian books I've read. The plot is really messed up if you really think about it. Something that is implied but never expressly said is what makes this book darker, despite what the cover might imply.

     Aliens. There is a lot about this book that I can say about the plot, but a lot of it is spoiler territory. I highly recommend this series, it's a lot of fun and really well written.

     What I love about this book, is that is a really different take on Mer-creatures. I really want to find the sequel so I can read it.

     Not sure if this is actually dystopian, but there is a corrupt government and a group of people that suffers more than another. There is a type of a revolution about to occur. 

     Only the best series I have ever read. I think most people at the very least know about this series. A world of super villains and the heroes are non-powered people.

     One of the more interesting books/series with Angels. I have yet to read the last book in this series. My library doesn't have it. And I don't feel like spending the 5$ on the ebook.

     This book could really use an actual sequel. It's labeled as #1 in a series because it has a prequel novella, that doesn't really add that much to the story in my opinion. The ending was a little open ended, so I want another book. But it's unlikely. This book explores what it means to be human and what playing God, and the morality of doing that. (that's what I got from reading it anyways)

     People live in biodomes across the planet, each run by their own government, all of them corrupt in some way. It's really hard for me to describe this book without making it sound lame. heh.

     Beautiful writing, and great characters. Magic and a little steampunk. (mechanical puma's that are ridden the way a four wheeler would be to travel the deserts) 

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