Monday, June 27, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: FREEBIE WEEK! -- Ten Favorite Songs That Came Out Before I Was Born (or close to when I was)

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Freebie Week is often tough, and during many of the past ones I did the same topic. Books that I felt were underrated/not well known enough. But, this time, I really think that I should do something different. Gotta switch things up, so here I go.
I love most genres of music, and I love a lot of older music more than a lot of newer stuff. These are some of the songs that I really love that came out before I was born, or super close to it. (1986) By the way, I really do legitimately like the last song on this list.


  1. Great music and a clever topic. I love these songs too, especially Wake Me Up Before You Go. Wham = Love
    My TTT

  2. God, I feel so old...! (I was dancing to some these songs at school dances!). No need for Rick Astley apologies here - I love him! (Saw him in concert two years ago and he was fab).

    I think you'll appreciate my TTT this week (it also has a retro music edge) -

  3. I love Crocodile Rock, Wake Me Up and Never gonna give you up too!! Interesting list :-)

  4. Carry On is the best, but maybe that's the Supernatural talking! ;)

  5. Crocodile Rock is awesome! Billy Joel and Hall & Oates are always fun to listen to as well.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

  6. What a clever TTT. I agree with most of your picks, with Carry On My Wayward Son being my favorite. We saw Kansas in concert a couple of years ago and were definitely a couple of decades younger than most of the crowd.

    My Top Ten Tues freebie is on the 10 most frustrating characters ever.