Thursday, November 12, 2015

Inside Out Book Tag

I saw this tag over at Novel Ink and Rebel Mommy Book Blog. I don't know who made it though, sorry. :(
 I love doing tags, and this one looks super cute. I've recently watched the movie and it was so cute and it made me cry. If you've seen it, you can probably guess which part. (it has to do with a guy who's part Elephant and Dolphin)

This is the first Vampire book I have read in a long time, like since I read Interview with a Vampire back in middle school, that didn't completely suck. (No pun intended). 

The crying sneaks up on you. Most of the book is really sweet and lighthearted then BOOM! something happens that will make you cry. I don't generally cry when reading books, so when it does happen I get annoyed.

I don't get "scared" when reading books, not often anyways. But this book, it was just really unsettling. Maybe it has to do with it being an Interactive Novel, and the interactive things is what made it extra creepy. 

There were so many things about this book that just... grrr. I won't get into it. Read my "review" if you're curious. I can't even talk about this book with out getting angry again.

I don't mind smut, on the occasion. But this book crossed so many lines, that it was just so, so gross. Check out my Favorite Review for this book. She finished the book, and goes in to more detail of why it was just... ew. And she does it in a pretty hilarious way.

If you want to do this tag, you're tagged. :)
Happy reading!

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