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Book Tour: Quanta by Lola Dodge

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Title: Quanta
Series: The Shadow Ravens
Vol or Book #: 2
Author: Lola Dodge
Audience: YA
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format: E-book and Paperback
Publisher:Ink Monster, LLC
Cover by: Art by Ana Cruz, Graphics by Paddy Donnelly
Editor: Ink Monster, LLC
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9780996086479
Date Published:10-13-15

Character Bios:
Name: Altair Orpheus (Tair)
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Brown/gold
Helix color: Green (science)
Family: Parents Rashad and Mei-Lin Orpheus. Sister Cassiopeia Orpheus.
Likes: Independence
Dislikes: The Seligo, mindless parties, being betrayed
Bio: Altair is elite in every sense of the word. His parents (both senators) basically picked his traits from a catalog and he was trained from birth to be exceptional. He was on the path to fulfilling his promise when an accident changed his point of view. Now he works for the rebel Shadow Ravens, using his research and family connections to dig deeper into the inner circles of government research.
Reference photo: David Henney + ?
I’m terrible with faces and I still haven’t found a good picture for poor Tair (feel free to send me pics of handsome men so I can fix this problem). The best I can do right now is a morphed lovechild of Will Demps, Marlon Teixiera, David Henney, and Clint Mauro (Please Google each of them. For science).

Name: Quanta
Hair: Long, black (usually tangled)
Eyes: Gray
Helix color: Red (unstable)
Family: (?)
Likes: Sweets, drawing (mostly with charcoal), VR games, elephants
Dislikes: The Seligo, captivity, Darren Waldman
Bio: Quanta was an experiment gone wrong (or right?). She was kidnapped from a lab at birth and raised by Lady Eva and the rebel Shadow Ravens, but she was too valuable to be left alone for long. At ten, she was captured again, and she’s lived the past ten years in captivity. Her unstable DNA gives her the power to see the past and the future. That alone would make her insanely powerful, but her abilities are still evolving… And the Seligo are trying to dig the information out of her any way they can.
Reference photo: Kiko Mizuhara

Bonus side character! Cass is getting a lot of love in the early reviews, so here’s a quick intro. I’m hoping I can write her story one of these days!
Name: Cassiopeia Orpheus
Hair: Dark curls
Eyes: Violet
Helix color: None
Family: Parents Rashad and Mei-Lin Orpheus. Brother Altair Orpheus.
Likes: Programming, energy drinks, pizza, trapping idiots in VR room escape games
Dislikes: Helixes, sunlight, her parents
Bio: Cassie is tech genius who’s never fit into the system. She designs games and VR helmets, and spends as much time as possible locked in her workroom. Although she’s not so oblivious that she hasn’t noticed her brother, Tair, acting suspicious. He’s definitely up to something.
Reference photo: Liya Kebede


Just because Quanta can see the future doesn’t mean she can change it. She’s spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she’s finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.
The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job: working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government. Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta. As he watches her deftly maneuver through life in a perverse prison, his plastic heart melts. A jailbreak would be suicide, but Tair is willing to sacrifice everything to give her a chance at happiness.
Now Quanta senses a terrifying new future brewing. She and Tair are bound together, but every image of them kissing, snuggling, and acting knee-weakeningly happy is balanced by a much darker possibility. They’ll be picture perfect together, but only until time rips them apart. How can she follow her heart when she’s seen how their love plays out?
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I really liked this book, I read the first book around a year ago and was really drawn into the world, along with everything else. When I found out the second book was going to have not only different main characters, but a different author I was pretty nervous. I wasn't sure how much I'd like the rest of the series. But I liked this book just as much and I was really pleased to see the other characters make an appearance.

 Quanta was a really interesting character and had very strong resolve given all that she had been through.  There were times though when I wasn't sure if she ever thought about her having any other kind of life, or if she had already completely resigned herself to where she was, even after meeting Altair.

Altair was a little harder to pin down. His motives weren't all that clear for a while. Until we saw what changed his mind about where he wanted to take his life. 

The only thing that I kind of am on the fence about is the romance between Q and Tair. At times it seemed a little forced. In the first book the romantic implication between Cipher and Hunter seemed to steam more from them knowing each other in the past and then their continued online relationship, even if they didn't know at the time who exactly it was they were talking to. This time it seemed like it had more to do with the genetic match, and that came off as slightly forced. They never did declair love for each other but had it not been for the matching, I wonder if they would've developed anything past having a common goal. 

That small thing that is hardly a big deal aside, I really did love this book and I am really looking forward to continuing the series. It's a very unique and exciting world.


Excerpt #1
Quanta’s POV

Tair annihilated me on the sim and for once, I didn’t give a flying fudge reindeer.
The timeghosts had gotten bored of kissing and now I was getting full-on caressing, nudity, and a soundtrack of bedroom moans. And I couldn’t not peek. Not when Tair looked that good shirtless, his head tipped back, sucking a breath through his teeth as I—
Whoa horsies.
I shuddered and leaned against the sim room wall. I could not be expected to focus under these conditions.
Especially when us getting together was looking more and more likely. Short of knocking him unconscious with one of the prop crossbows, it might be too late to derail the train to make-out town. One kiss wouldn’t be so bad, but—
No. That was the problem right there. It would be a gateway kiss. Then there’d be tongue and heavy breathing and feelings. I needed to nip that right in the bud. Because after the kissing came all the dying.
The most annoying part was that Tair was totally oblivious to the chaos in my head.
“Should I take you back to your room?” Tair set his guns back on the shelf. “Your pulse is high.”
“Well, it would be,” I snapped. That happened when I got bombarded with images of him nipping my collarbone and running his hands all over me, because then I imagined what it would feel like in real life and Jesus Christmas. What was I supposed to do about that?
“Did I do something wrong?” He crouched near me, not close enough to make me uncomfortable, but close enough that I could see the golden shades of brown in his eyes, and that was uncomfortable in a whole different way.
I’d made a mistake. This was the most annoying part. He hadn’t done anything wrong.
Tair was playing his part to perfection. I was the one getting blown apart.
Getting thrown off my game.

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Lola is a compulsive traveler, baker, and procrastinator. She earned her BA in English from Stonehill College and MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University—and hasn’t stopped moving since. When she’s not on the road, Lola spends her time indoors where the sunlight can’t melt her, writing or bingeing on anime and cherry soda. She can be summoned in a ritual involving curry, Hello Kitty idols, and a solid chocolate pentagram.

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