Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Tag

Found this on Kassidy Voinche's youtube channel, I like tags. They're nice bookish fillers between book reviews. Tag was created by LizzieLovesBooks

1. A Partridge in a pear tree: Favorite Stand-Alone Book?

I don't read many stand-alone books, but I've read a few this year that I really liked. My favorite one that I read this year was:
My Review
I still loved all that other ones I read, this was just my favorite. :)

2. Two Turtle Doves: Fictional OTP/Favorite Ship?

There are a lot of Ships that I love from my favorite books, picking one is really tough. But that one I'm going with is:
       June and Day from the Legend trilogy

3.Three French Hens: Favorite Trilogy?

Now, this is tough as well. So many to choose from. But If Im going to be honest, there really is only one choice:

4. Four Calling Birds: Favorite Fictional Beast/Creature?

 Good grief. I love so many mythological creatures. But lately I have been really interested in Fae beings. There are lots of books with fae, so I can't really pick out a single book.  

5. Five Golden Rings: Show 5 Golden Books

 I don't own many books with gold on the cover, but I will do my best, some may be cheating a little.

6. Six Geese a Laying: Rotten egg- What's your least favorite book?

     I only left 1-2 books unfinished this year but the book that angered me the most was:
The Fly House by Misty Provencher
Need by Carrie Jones
I'm sure there are more, but if I really hate a book I often don't bother writing a review of it and then I forget the book until I see it somewhere again.

7. Seven Swans a Swimming: Show a Book with Water on the Cover

My Review

8. Eight Maids a Milking: What fictional food do you wish you could taste?

     Anything from Honeydukes in the Harry Potter books is something I'd like to have. I would love to go to that sweetshop

9. Nine Ladies Dancing: Favorite dance between two characters?

     There is a scene near the beginning of Daughter of Smoke & Bone between Akiva and Madrigal that I really love. It's kind of their first meeting not on the battle field. It's one of their happiest moments together before things go sideways.

10. Ten Lords a Leaping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation?

   Sometimes I wish books would just stay books, but I will say that the team behind The Hunger Games movies is doing it right.

11. Eleven Pipers Piping: Favorite Book-To-Movie-Adaptation Soundtrack?

     Hands down, Lord of the Rings. There is no contest. Howard Shore is amazing.

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming: It's the end of the song; what's your favorite book ending?

     Not fair. This was the year of series ends. I can't pick one, there are so many that I love.


  1. I created this tag on YouTube (LizzieLovesBooks) so thank you so much for bringing it to the blogging community! I would really appreciate if you could leave this link ( to my original video on your post as well. :) Thank you!! Merry Christmas!

    1. Sure thing. Merry Christmas to you too. :)

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun with this tag. I totally agree with you on Honeydukes!

    1. I cant think of a person alive that has read Harry Potter and wouldn't wan to go to Honeydukes. :)