Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rex Equilibrium by Chrystalla Thoma

Elei's Chronicles #3
     "A lot has happened since Elei fled his home island with a bullet in his side and the Fleet on his heels. With the help of his friends, he's managed to disorganize the regime, run by the all-women race of the Gultur, and he's on a mission to bring peace to the Seven Islands.
Old secrets come to the surface, friendships are forged and betrayals discovered, and a girl, Alendra, has managed to take hold of Elei's feelings.
     With a map that leads underground and the hope of toppling the Gultur regime, Elei and his companions seek a weapon to tip the balance of power. But unrest within the resistance means that this time they are on their own and, as if crossing a world torn by war while keeping Rex under control wasn't enough, Elei fears that before the end Alendra might break his heart."

This series is certainly different from many others that I have read in the past. The characters are incredibly different from one another. Even though Elei hardly says anything you get a very clear picture of his personality despite the book being written in third person.

The action is kind of non-stop in this series and this book does not disappoint. The book isn't so action packed that the story gets over shadowed, but rather enhanced. The growing attraction between Elei and Alendra is cute. Elei being infected with a parasite that causes snake-like skin to grow on his body has made it so he has zero experience with the ladies. Though his age is still kind of a mystery, I assume he's around 17-18.

So much happens in this book, and all of it is very interesting and complex. The world Ms. Thoma has created has really drawn me in and makes me very curious as to what the hell is going on. And my question has finally been answered. This world is set a few thousand years into the future, before I wasn't sure. The next, and I assume final book, seems to promise an epic battle and I can't wait to read it, I just have to find it first. If you like dystopain stories that have lots of action and mystery then this is a series for you.


  1. You had me until you mentioned snake like skin. That is more then enough to creep me out. Now I know why the cover seemed sort of creepy to me.


  2. This sounds very intriguing. I can't imaging that growing snake skin is very comfortable and it seems almost like a beauty/beast setup going on here with him being somewhat deformed and her being normal. Good review!

    1. This is the third book in the series, and I am looking for the fourth. :) It's a really interesting series and actually focuses very little on romance. But I think you'd like it.