Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seduced by Power, by Karpov Kinrade

Seduced #3
"Forbidden passions.
Deadly secrets.
A love that will stand against it all.
In Seduced by Power, the final book in Rose's Trilogy, Rose and Derek face the greatest threat to their love, and lives, as they are forced to make painful choices to save those they love the most.
They give everything they have to end the battle against Rose's mother and retrieve that which was stolen from them. But will it be enough to save them?"

This is the third book in the Seduced series, and as far as I am concerned the last one. This was an interesting series, and each book was better than the last. but I gotta be honest I had to skip the sex scenes in this book. Not exactly my cup of tea to read S&M stuff. Everything else about this book was really interesting. The ups and downs that the characters went through kept me on the edge of my seat. I finished this book in a couple of hours. This book felt shorter than the others. That could have been to do with the parts that I skipped/skimmed.

In this book, we are at the center of all the chaos. Rainbow has the rose bush, and most of the druids are starting to feel the effects. Aside from all that Rose and Derek are still making their wedding plans and making plans and preparation in getting the rose bush back and saving Dean from being trapped in the demon realm. Jassmine, Rose's little sister, shows up unexpectedly at the O'Conner house one evening claiming to be scared of Rainbow. Shortly afterwards the druids head to the last place that Rainbow and Blake last were, as most of the coven had left after finding out how bat shit crazy she is, and capturing Blake. One night while Rose and Derek are copulating, she accidentally releases her power into Derek sending him to the demon realm. In a panic and love for Derek, and with help from her sister, Blake, and a few members of the paranormal school, she summons the demon realm. Instead of summoning a demon like she planned with all her grief from what she did to the man she loved she gets sucked into the realm. After a battle with some demons, she and Derek break everybody out even the girl that Rose accidently sent to the realm when she was a child.

Of course, that isn't all that happens, after a few short battles and a gruesome confrontation with Rainbow the O'Conners take back the rose bush and Blake helps Rose in the best way he could before he dies. Rose and Derek get married and  have their happily ever after. Kinrade wrote two more stories for Rose, but as far as I am concerned, this is the last book. It wrapped everything up that needed to be. Anything more is just dragging out a story that doesn't need more. I did enjoy this book even though there was a lot of Cliche dialogue and the rough S&M sex was a bit much for me. But if that stuff doesn't bother you, then you'll really enjoy these books.

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