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Review: Fire with Fire by Penelope King

Demonblood #2
Book Summary via Goodreads: 
          "It's been over two months since Lucky and Liora decided their fate outside the cave. Over two months since Kieron left to finish his mission. 
So why hasn't he returned?
Crushed and confused, Liora finds comfort with a mysterious stranger, a guy whose motives include more than just healing Liora's broken heart. Meanwhile, Lucky finds herself in the arms of an old friend...the one who has always laid claim to her true soul.
When the reason for Kieron's disappearance becomes known, loyalties will be tested, friends will be betrayed, loves will be lost, and hope will be found. Once and for all, Lucky and Liora will have to choose their destiny. And not everyone will survive their choice."

Another amazing book my Penelope King. This is the sequel to A Demon Made Me Do It. And what a fantastic sequel it is. It picks up a couple of months after the first one leaves off. Lucky is doing her misbehaving Demon hunting thing, missing Kieron terribly, while Liora just seems to mope around wondering where he is since their last words to each other there "I Love You".
While Liora is being sad and missing Kieron, a new guy, Tristan, shows up at school who at first makes Liora uneasy. Tristan somehow takes control of Liora, manipulating her into trusting him and revealing her secret.
Lucky deals with her own problems when the Demon Bar she uses gets attacked where many of her friends are killed. She, along with Bones and a couple of other Hell Hounds, form a plan to avenge their fallen kin and to save Keiron who's been held captive by the same demons that attacked the bar.
Slowly Liora becomes more and more Tristan's puppet, almost a zombie and we find out that he and his "sister" are Light Angels, sworn enemies to Lucky's kind. They are planning and were planning on using Kieron if he hadn't disappeared, to get into the Demon realm to wipe out all the demons.
On the eve before their mission to save Keiron and avenge the deaths of their fallen kin, Lucky and Bones spend an intimate evening together, that seems to revitalize her waning strength, and the next day it also seems to have broken Tristan's hold over Liora.
After getting into an argument with her best friend, Corrine points out that there's something strange about Tristan, and that she doesn't like the way Liora gets when she's around him. All "glassy eyed". Liora talks to bones about it and he warns her to be careful.
When Lucky and Bones with the rest of their group set off on their mission, one betrays them and gives away their position to the demons they are after causing them to be captured. Finding themselves in a dungeon with Kieron chained to a wall unconscious.
So, much more happens in this book that writing a good review without giving away most of the plot is hard for me.
But eventually, they get away but not without losses, the loss of Bones (It totally sucks). When Lucky and Kieron make it back to her house in the human world, they find Tristan in her house along with 3 other people. They find out to the horror to Lucky that they are Light Angels. During the battle, Lucky throws a handful of what she thinks is dirt in Tristan's face, in his weakened state he's attacked and turned to stone. Lucky and Kieron kill the Angels but not without destroying Tatiana's house.
But since Tat is a very powerful witch, she fixes everything and everything that was in the house. She then tells Lucky that she has to leave because the light angels know her secret and where she lives. She reluctantly agrees, and Kieron says he'll go with her to protect her. Waiting for the morning, so Liora can say goodbye to her guardian, they head out of town but only after stopping to take Corrine with them, because she has a really crappy home life and needs to get away.
This book was in a few ways better than the first one. I think it has more to do with there just being more plot and a little bit more mystery. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next book in the series.

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