Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: The Passion of Cleopatra by Anne & Christopher Rice

Title: The Passion of Cleopatra
Author: Anne and Christopher Rice
Series: Ramses the Damned #2
Genre: Horror/Romance/Historical Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Anchor
Publication Date: November 21st, 2017
Source: Penguin First-to-Read
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Ramses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt, is reawakened by the elixir of life in Edwardian England. Now immortal with his bride-to-be, he is swept up in a fierce and deadly battle of wills and psyches against the once-great Queen Cleopatra. Ramses has reawakened Cleopatra with the same perilous elixir whose unworldly force brings the dead back to life. But as these ancient rulers defy one another in their quest to understand the powers of the strange elixir, they are haunted by a mysterious presence even older and more powerful than they, a figure drawn forth from the mists of history who possesses spectacular magical potions and tonics eight millennia old. This is a figure who ruled over an ancient kingdom stretching from the once-fertile earth of the Sahara to the far corners of the world, a queen with a supreme knowledge of the deepest origins of the elixir of life. She may be the only one who can make known to Ramses and Cleopatra the key to their immortality—and the secrets of the miraculous, unknowable, endless expanse of the universe.


This book was better than the first in this series, in my opinion. The writing was a little better, granted she wrote the first one nearly 30 years ago. A person's writing should improve over that amount of time regardless of how long they've been writing before that.

That being said, I lost track of who I was following from time to time. It wasn't always clear who was talking to whom until a name was mentioned. There were just a few too many characters being followed for me to keep track.

I enjoyed the first book, but I had a hard time staying focused, and even though I only finished the first book barely a week ago, I don't really remember all the details. Leaving me a little confused at times reading this book. There should have been a little more recap to cover more of the plot points of this book.

I would still totally recommend this series to any fan of Anne Rice, Horror, or Historical Fiction. 

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