Friday, March 24, 2017

Avengers Book Tag

I have had a pretty crappy week. It might sound like nothing to most people, but a YouTube channel that I have been watching, and feel very much a part of, is being canceled this week. They let us know Monday that Friday was going to be the last day. It's the of all SourceFed channels, so SourceFed, SFNerd, People Be Like, (their sketch channel had already been canceled and a year before that their gaming channel had as well so I should have seen this coming, but I didn't). Honestly, I am a little gutted by this, so I haven't really been reading this week, hence the lack of posts. It might be silly to most people, but it was something very special to me and now it's gone. A lot of really talented, funny and smart people also now don't have jobs and they live in LA. I am aware that this is "just" a YouTube channel being canceled, but for me and the other fans of the channels, it was a place for us to be nerds about various things, they brought me lots of laughs and some funny memories. 

So I decided to post something, so to get back in the swing of posting things I'm doing this Tag. I don't remember where I saw it, it was a while ago. I think around the time Age of Ultron was coming out. 

1.Iron Man
(Favorite Frist Book in a series)
This one was hard to choose, there are a lot of First books in series that I love, but I think this one has to be a favorite. Not sure if it's THE favorite, but it's in the top 5.

2.Captain America
(Book that took place in another time period)
I don't really read a lot of Historical Fiction, mostly fantasy. This was the closest book for this topic I could think of.

(Book character that became more appealing when the adaptation character was cast)
I might get hate for this from people who don't already know this, I preferred the Lightning Theif movie over the book. It still wasn't perfect, but I liked Percy Jackson as a character more after the movie came out.
Sea of Monsters was just a garbage movie, regardless if it was a bad adaptation. I could talk for a while about how I don't like those books, but I know that have lots of fans, I don't want to trash on something other people like.

(A book you love that's not very popular)
This book made the list, only because not many people have read it yet. I can't really think of a book that's "mainstream" that most people don't like that I did.

5.Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch
(a Book with a Sibling Duo that you really love)
Fred and George. There is no other sibling duo that compares. 

(A villain that you can't help but love)
Sebastian Morgenstern is a great villain, and at the end there, I felt really bad for him. He never had a choice in who he was going to be thanks to his father and the messed up experiments he did. 

(A book you've been meaning to read but haven't gotten to it yet)
Oh-so-many books. I have really fallen behind with my reading this past about 6-7 months. Once I get out of my rut and finish reading books I have acquired for reviews, I plan on reading this.

(A book you can't talk about without getting worked up)
I get angry when I think about this book. I always rant, so if you want to know why here is my review.

(Favorite snob from a book series)
 I can't think of a book for this one. I tend to not like snob characters. They get on my nerves.

10.Black Widow
(A book with a side character that you love so much you wish they had their own book)
Kenji. He needed a book. Favorite side character ever.

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