Monday, February 20, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Loved Less/More Than I Thought

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These are the books from my whole blogging history that I loved more/less than I thought I was going to. They aren't in any particular order either.

Books I Loved More Than I Thought

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater: I held off reading this book/series, because I thought it was about boys that could turn into ravens. I didn't even read the synopsis and decided that I wasn't going to like it. But, I kept hearing how good it was, so when I saw it for sale in the Kindle store for 0.99 I bought it.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer: I honestly didn't want to read this solely for the reason that I kept hearing about it. Everybody was reading it so I stubbornly decided to not read it.

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson: I was just a little intimidated by this author. With so much high praise for his High Fantasy, I was scared. I knew I was going to like this book, because who would be turned off by the idea of a book with superpowered people and they are all villains? I just didn't know that I was going to fall in love with this book/series.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare: Honestly, I felt a little burnt out on Shadowhunter books. And with how terrible the show is, I just wasn't feeling it. So, I borrowed it from the Library and ended up loving this book.

Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski: I was honestly mostly turned off by the cover. I was, and still am, kind of tired of seeing girls in pretty dresses on my book cover. I hate the cover even more after reading the book because it has so little to do with the book itself.

Books I Loved Less Than I Thought

FrostBlood by Elly Blake: There were just some things about this book that felt a little unfinished and fleshed out. The romance also felt painfully forced.

Gilded Cage by Vic James: I am realizing that the main reason I don't like books is when things feel forced. This book had promise, just everything fell flat for me.

Dreadnought by April Daniels: I just couldn't connect with anybody in this book, and I felt like some of the plot points were a little forced.

The Iron Trial by Holly Black, Cassandra Clare: I state this in my review, but it felt like a Potter clone not because they were in a magic school. It was the characters that felt like Harry Potter clones. Especially the three kids. If you've read it re-read it and take off the rose tinted glasses. I was let down by this book because I expected better from these two authors. Especially Holly Black.

You by Caroline Kepnes: I wasn't expecting to get as creeped out as I did. I couldn't finish it. I made it about half way. But I started having nightmares. It was just too real, and being in that type of character's head, I just couldn't do it any longer. 


  1. I feel out of touch , I haven't read most of the books I have seen on any list today!
    My TTT.

  2. I actually picked Cinder up from the library last week after hearing a fellow librarian rave about it. But I still haven't started it!

  3. I agree with Cinder! I really didn't think I would like it but its one of my favourites now.

  4. Cinder is a great book yet I've yet to continue with the series - even though I own them all. I actually liked The Iron Trials OK but I could definitely feel a Potter vibe.

  5. All the books you have under "Books I Loved More Than I Thought" are all ones that I've been wanting to read, but keep pushing off for some unknown reason. I'm hoping to start The Winner's Curse trilogy in the next month or so, because my friend from back home keeps harassing me to pick it up already lol. Fabulous list, Marie!

  6. Cinder made my list for books I liked more than I thought too. It just didn't sound like something I would be interested in, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I just bought Frostblood recently so I'm bummed that it made you "less" list. Hopefully I will enjoy it a little more. Great list! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Cinder has gotten such rave reviews that it's made my TBR. It seems like everyone loves it (hope that I do too!)

  8. Glad to hear you liked The Raven Boys. I actually didn't like Cinder as much as I thought I would, but different people, different tastes.
    My TTT:

  9. I agree 100% about The Raven Boys- I also thought it was about bird people and I do NOT like bird people. I also resisted a looong time with Cinder too. Idk why, I was just telling myself that I hated retellings even though I'd never read one? Sorry about the ones you didn't like though! I haven't read Frostblood or Gilded Cage yet, but I was looking forward to them- but I have heard similar things about both, especially Gilded Cage, so it doesn't look promising!

  10. The Iron Trial made my list too - it was quite a let down for me....

    Lauren @ Always Me