Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: All About Romance -- Favorite Contemporary Romance

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I really do love a good Contemporary Romance book from time to time, I just really hate 90% of the covers for them. They more often than not have a shirtless dude on the cover, which is odd to me. Sure the guys in these books are always described as being ripped, but they own shirts. They don't walk around shirtless the whole book. It's just odd to me, and I think the covers of any book should reflect what the book is about more than having partial nudity on the cover for no reason than to have a muscular guy on the cover for no real reason. *end random rant*

This second book of this companion series was the better book of the series in my opinion. I liked the characters a little bit more, I liked the story a little bit more. The other books got 4 of 5 (this one got 5) stars on Goodreads from me.

This was my favorite book in this companion series. It was the last book but documented how the two characters that were married through the whole series met. It was sweet and I really loved pretty much everything about the book.

This book made me cry. Doesn't really happen that often when reading or watching movies, but it did for this one. This is one of the best out there. It deals with a lot of really big issues that I think get glossed over in books too often.

This is one of those books that's basically the same story as the first book but told from the guy's perspective. And I honestly like it way more than the story told from the girl's perspective. 

Really this whole series is fantastic. The characters are the best, in my opinion, of any CR book I have read. It's a story of friends to lovers, and there is a subplot that really makes the romance all the more important. I've read some Urban Fantasy by this author, and I gotta say she does a much better job writing CR than UF books.

Another series where I recommend the whole series. I haven't finished it yet, there are a lot of books and novellas in this series, but I have read most of the books. And I kind of love that all the titles in the series are alliterated. 

Another book that made me cry. I highly recommend this book. The story was really great and a little sad. It's a F/F romance book, but it's more about her journey, being in the foster system, only having her brother until he joins the Army and overcoming other obstacles. She just happens to be gay.

This book is great. I love all the characters and the overall plot. There was a part that snuck up one that made me cry. 90% of this book made things seem like it was going to be a sweet romance/coming of age book. Then a thing happened that made me cry.

All the books in this companion series are enjoyable, but this one was my favorite in the series. I think perhaps because Nash was my favorite character. This is the 4th book in the series.

The thing that made this book great was that when it came out what issues the main characters had, they convinced each other to seek professional help, to talk to a therapist. In a few books when the characters had something like anxiety or depression, an addiction; whatever the characters love "cured" them of the problem, and they talked like they were 100% fine and the thought that talking to a professional was an insult to their love. That's not how that works. 

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  1. I actually haven't heard of many of these! I completely agree with you though; half naked guys on covers are so obnoxious. Plus, it makes me a bit embarrassed to show the book in public, which is sad! Thanks for all the book recommendations! Here is my TTT for the week!

    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!