Monday, August 22, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Have Been On My Shelf (Or TBR/WTR) From My Early Days of Blogging That I STILL Haven't Read

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I don't buy books often, so the ones that I do buy are ones I plan on reading fairly soon. I hate that I have purchased books on my shelf from Christmas time and that was only a few months ago. 
Now, what I call my "TBR" is more of a "WTR" (Want to read) That list is the one that is really long, so I will be sharing books from that. Though I regularly go through and take books off that list if I honestly don't think I will ever read that book. I own none of these books, and I can't find them anywhere to buy or at my local library, which is why I take them off the list.

I haven't really found this book or the sequel in physical form anywhere yet, but I love Laini Taylor's writing so much, I refuse to give up on this duology. I suppose I could just get it as an eBook, but I am stubborn. I want to make sure I can't get it in hardcover first before spending the 10$ on an eBook.

I've just been really lazy about finding this book on discount or at the library. I like this cover more than the cover for the hardcover, so that's probably partially why; the other is that I've heard some mixed things about this book and I am on the fence about how much I still care to read this book.

I actually own this book, and I did read about half of it and skimmed the other half. I kind of got bored/lost interest in reading it. But I want to try again as I've heard mostly only good things about this book and I want to make sure I just wasn't in the mood to read this kind of book the first time around.

This is one book that I have not found anywhere, for either purchase or the library. And this one was one of the first books I added on Goodreads, I took it off and put it back on multiple times since I was never able to find it.

I think this is the last book on this list that I actually own. The reason I haven't read this book (It's the third in a trilogy) is because the second book disappointed me so much that I kind of gave up on the series at the time, and not it's been so long I'm not sure if I remember enough to continue.

This is one that I kind of was lazy about looking for. It's one of Taylor's older books, and when I added this book she wasn't as popular as she is now so it was harder to find this book, but I haven't looked at the price recently. Hopefully, it's more affordable.

I've heard mixed things about this, so I'm on the fence on how committed I am to looking for this book to read. 

I added this book during a time when I was really obsessed with reading books about assassins. I had I think around 5-6 first books in a series for assassin books, I whittled it down to a more reasonable amount.

I heard about this book in passing, I think from someone on BookTube, and added it to my Goodreads shelf, but never looked for it.

I don't remember what prompted me to add this almost 4 years ago to my Goodreads "To Read" shelf. I actually had to re-read the synopsis because I forgot.


  1. The Night Circus, Prince of Thorns, and White Cat are some of my favorites!

    I want to try Eon and Seraphina eventually, and I actually have tried Black City which started out strong, but after nearly a hundred pages I ended up DNF'ing it because I was so annoying with where it was going.

  2. Eon made my list this week too! I'd completely forgotten about Black City! I bought it too probably about the same time. I wonder where that went?

    I'm glad to hear other people went on a Laini Taylor hunting binge. Her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series was so good I just want to collect all of her books. Although I haven't read any of her other books either.

    Happy Reading
    Rachel @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune