Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: The Deathsniffer's Assistant by Kate McIntyre

Title: The Deathsniffer's Assistant
Author: Kate McIntyre
Series: The Faraday Files #1
Genre: Fantasy/Adult/Sci-fi/Magic/Steampunk
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: July 13th, 2015
Edition: Kindle Edition, 424 pages
Source: Temporary ARC, then Purchased
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     After losing his parents in the Floating Castle Incident, the sensitive and mannered Chris Buckley has spent six years raising his magically talented little sister, Rosemary, on the savings that his once-wealthy family left behind. But that money is drying up, and Chris finds himself with no choice but to seek out work in Darrington City as it spirals into a depression. The only employer willing to consider his empty résumé is Olivia Faraday, the manic Deathsniffer. Olivia’s special magical gift gives her a heightened intuition which makes her invaluable in hunting down murderers. 
     When a Duchess of the mysterious Old Blooded Nobility calls on Olivia to solve the mystery of her dead husband, Chris finds himself tangled in Olivia Faraday’s daily life and unable to extract himself from the macabre questions of the investigation. His involvement grows more complicated as political forces in Darrington close around Rosemary, seeing her as a tool that can be used to end the depression at the cost of her freedom—or even her life. Chris must juggle the question of who killed Viktor val Daren with the responsibility of keeping Rosemary and her magic safe from those who would use her up and toss her aside. Worst of all, he begins to learn that the national disaster that took his parents’ lives may not have been the accident it seemed. 
     Set in a world very similar to 1900s London, The Deathsniffer’s Assistant combines the investigative murder mystery with a tale of personal and societal redemption. It is about the relationships between broken people who clash more often than not, but manage to shape and learn from one another in spite of this. The story is told from the perspective of Christopher Buckley, young and impressionable and influenced by the prejudices of his time, as he finds himself surrounded by a cast of exceptional women whose differing characters will slowly reconstruct his understanding of strength in others—and in himself.


I got this book awhile ago as an ARC, it was a temporary file so I didn't get a chance to finish it before it timed out. It was a real bummer since I was just over half way finished when that happened. For some reason, I didn't buy it sooner than now to finish it, but here I am. Finally able to post a review of this book.

I really enjoyed this book. The world is so different than many books I've read. A little steampunk, wizards, magic, elementals. I really like where things are headed for this world. So many directions it can go.

But on with what I thought of the plot of this book. I don't read many murder mysteries, this was I believe the first one I've read that I've enjoyed since my days of reading Nancy Drew. The characters made this book. Olivia, with her brash and very outspoken person and Deathsniffer with Christopher, mild-mannered orphan who is also the guardian of his younger sister, a very talented binder of elementals at 13, was a very compelling partnership. 

Christopher has to learn how to balance his new job as a Wordweaver to a Deathsniffer, while protecting his sister from those who would use her for her abilities then toss her aside. Assisting in solving a murder while trying to keep his well meaning naive sister from offering her skills without knowing what it would mean for her.

Solving the murder was equally interesting to read as the mystery around what really happened with the Flying Castle. I really look forward to reading the next book, and discovering more about what happened with that Floating Castle. And how his father might've been involved.

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  1. I've been considering this book, but I'm kind of afraid I won't like it because of what I've read about Olivia. But Christopher sounds interesting and so does the whole Wordweaver, Deathsniffer, magic thing! And as you say, the characters seem like they'd make for a compelling partnership, to see how they interact. So I'm still kind of undecided.