Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Love That Aren't Books

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I love coffee, I actually didn't really start drinking it until I started College. And now I can't start my day without it.

I have a weird obsession with collecting as many sharpies as I can. The desire to do so is still there, but I haven't purchased any new sharpies in a while. But I do frequent the Sharpie website often and stare at all the sharpies I can't afford.

I like making the sweets more than eating them. I have almost zero sweet tooths.

Napping is great. And sometimes a nice 5-10 minute snooze is a nice refresher.

The Forest
I grew up in a very rural area, and now I live in a city environment. While I do like not having to drive 30 miles away from my home to do any kind of shopping, I do really miss the seclusion that wooded areas provide. It's really peaceful, the air smells cleaner, and I get more relaxation.

With the best weather and the best holidays, what's not to love about this season?

They are just super cute, and I just love them.

I am a huge nerd. I love organizing things. Give me the supplies and the time, and I will organize the hell out of any desk.

Ice Cream
It's only the best dessert out there. So many flavors and sauces to pour on it. 

I love my salty crunchy snacks. It's my guilty pleasure.


  1. Great list this week! I also LOVE ice cream, though I don't eat it very often. And napping! Napping is SOOOO good! Though... I also don't do much of this these days--too busy blogging, I guess!

    Thank you for sharing! Here's my Top Ten Tuesday, if you're interested. Happy book-ing!

  2. I like what you did with the topic this week! Otters are just the cutest and so is Pusheen! Also, ice cream is my favorite dessert. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

  3. Oooh, napping & ice cream are two of my favorite things in the world and who can resist otters.

    My TTT list

  4. Perfect list! Coffee and organizing must be part of my favorite things too :)