Monday, May 30, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Unfortunate Character Names

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I don't really theme read for the seasons. So I have chosen a topic from the past, and I have read some books where there've been characters with some really strange names. This should be fun.

Pagan and Dank from the Existence trilogy. I get that sometimes people want to use unique names for their characters, but really? Pagan, Dank? Those are just not names that any person would be named and it not raise an eyebrow.

All the characters in The Hunger Games. Again with the attempt of giving characters unique names. Especially Gale, he's a dude and whenever I hear that name I picture an old lady. (sorry to any non-old ladies with that name)

Sookie Stackhouse. I only read a couple of those books, but I watched the HBO tv show to the end. (The show kind of fell apart after season 3). The thing that makes it really strange is that everyone, even her brother has a normal name. 

Renesmee, from Twilight series. My hatred for that series aside, when I read the name they chose for their child I never wished for a fictional character to be real more, so I could slap them. That is the dumbest name ever

Brynhildr from the Valkyrie series. It's bad enough that the author had the character just go by Bryn.

I have about ten on this list. Probably more.


  1. I love this topic and hate that I missed it, because I also keep a mental list of odd character names. Perhaps it is a wizard tradition, but I always thought the names from Harry Potter were really strange. Merope, Lucius, Amycus, Alecto...if you name your kid after one of the Furies from Greek mythology, then they're probably going to grow up to be a Dark Wizard. :) Great list, and Renesmeee is just the worst.

  2. Pagan and Dank... yeah those are different. :) And Brynhildr- even though I like the old Norse- ness of it (?) I think Bryn is much better.

    1. The series does revolve around Norse mythology. That's why she has that name, but it's still a mouth full.

  3. Good picks! The only other Gale I can think of is the character in Raising Arizona...