Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Find Me If You Dare by Vicki Leigh

Title: Find Me If You Dare
Author: Vicki Leigh
Series: Dreamcatcher #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Romance
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: December 1st 2015
Edition: Kindle
Source: Giveaway/NetGalley
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They may have won the first battle, but the Apocalypse has just begun.
     Five weeks have passed since the battle that left Rome and Columbus in ruins. Sheltered in the hidden city of Caelum, Daniel and Kayla train alongside over one hundred Magus and Protectors, hoping that their unified ranks will be enough to take down their greatest threat yet: Richard, his followers, and his horde of Nightmares. Then a fallen comrade is returned to Caelum with a message carved into his chest and a note referencing the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Daniel knows their time for training is over.
     Finally understanding Richard’s plans for Kayla and the three other Magus born on Halloween, Daniel and the rest of Caelum’s volunteers scout the U.S. in a desperate attempt to stop their enemy before he can unleash his first Horseman. But when massive attacks claim thousands of lives, people all over the world begin to fall ill—including those Daniel and Kayla care about the most.
     With the Horseman of Pestilence released, Daniel knows it’s time to step aside and let Kayla take the lead. Only she has the power to rival her father’s. But when Richard’s plot turns out to be darker than they imagined, their fight is met with more death and destruction—and an enemy who might be unbeatable, after all.


This book picks up really close to the ending of the first book, a book that actually took me a couple chapters to remember enough to follow what was going on better. (I have a terrible memory, and I read a lot of books).

Kayla and Daniel and crew are training vigorously, trying their damnedest so that as many of them will live to see the end of it all. This book was a lot darker than I remember the first one being, and there were moments when I wondered if anybody was going to live to the end. Kayla is slowly coming into her own strength as the book goes on, and she learns how to fight with out magic as well, after getting her ass handed to her in a scrimmage. 

Daniel at times, really irritated me. I know he's just being protective, but more than once I felt he was smothering Kayla more than he was protecting her, and thankfully she thought so too and spoke up about it. I am really, really glad she continued to not be a Mary-Sue. She wanted to protect others better as well as herself and wasn't going to take 'No' from anybody. Including her boyfriend. 

A lot of secrets came out in this book, and a lot of people died. One death in particular kind of got to me a little. I wasn't expecting it and I really liked the character. 

I had some issues with the MC, Daniel, but not enough for me to lower my rating much. (4 stars is my average for books that I enjoy)

I really do recommend this series, it is really well written and has a lot of suspense and a really well planned plot and character development. 

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