Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Read Authors

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I honestly have no idea if this list is going to be different from the list of most owned authors. I remember reading a lot of the Nancy Drew books when I was younger (But I don't remember which ones, 3rd grade was a long time ago), as well as a few of those Little House on the Prairie books. Then around 5th grade or so, I kind of stopped reading for leisure. Anyways, here is my list of most read authors, biased on the time when I started reading again to now.

Abbi Glines  - 24 Books

Rosemary Beach (11 of 14) [Series not finished]
Existence series (3, plus a novella)

Lux series (5)
Covenant series (5 and 2 Novellas)
The Dark Elements series (2 of 3)

With her NA series (Wait for You) I have read 3 of the 6 books

Jessica Sorensen - 12 Books

Shattered Promises  (4 plus a Novella)
Death Collectors  (2 out of 3) (she wrote it as YA as well as New Adult, so it shows up as being 6 books even though it's actually the same story twice)
Darkness Falls series (1 of 3)

Cheryl McIntyre - 11 Books

Sometimes Never (4 and a novella)
Dirty (6 book mini-series)

Cassandra Clare  -  11 Books

The Iron Trial (co-writer)

Tammy Falkner - 9 Books

(6 of 7 books and 3 of 6 novellas)

JK Rowling - 7 Books

Harry Potter 7 Glorious books

Brigid Kemmerer - 6 Books

Elemental  (5 books/ 1 of 3 novellas)

Katie McGarry - 6 Books

Pushing the Limits (4 of 6 books and 1 novella)
Stand-alone short story (Red at Night)

Penelope Douglas - 5 Books


  1. Love your list!! I have read a lot from those authors and still have a few series to finish up from them! I think JLA is my favorite- Great list!

  2. Were we separated at birth or what?! LOL Love your list! Abbi Glines and Jennifer Armentrout and Katie McGarry... you're talking my language. :) I've yet to start reading Jessica Sorensen even though I own practically every book she's written. Apparently my motto is: Collect First, Then Read. Really enjoyed your list.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books