Monday, May 4, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

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This week's Top Ten: Books I Will Probably Never Read......
 This is a long, long list. 

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Anything by John Green. - Nothing against the guy, I just think that his books are too hyped, and a lot of people treat his writing like it's the be-all end-all of YA. 

Lord of the Rings by JR Tolkien. - I've actually tried to read those books multiple times, I always get really bored. They are really wordy and there's a character near the start of the book that is never mentioned again, that fans of the book seem to think is the best character in the world. Yet he adds nothing to the actual story nor does he make sense. I'm talking about Tom Bombdil. He ruins the book for me. I always quit around his part of the story. The one time I made it past that part was when I just skipped him and started when they were entering Bree, and even then I only made it to the council of Elrond. I prefer the movies, from the few non-Tom Bombadil fans Ive talked to, Pete Jackson did a really good job of cutting the fat with those books.

50 Shades of Grey. - I have nothing against reading erotica, I myself have read a couple smutty romance books. But Shades of Grey series, it paints the story in too much romance, and it just comes across as really creepy. At least the other smut books I've read didn't try and pretend to be anything other than what it was. 

Pretty much all Classic Novels. - I just don't see it happening. I feel like I should read one. But, once again it comes to a thing where I just get really bored. I respect and appreciate the books for what they are, and what they mean to modern literature, I just don't want to read any.

The rest of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles books. - There are just so many. I don't want to play catch up. Interview With a Vampire is my all time favorite vampire novel. I actually compare every other Vampire book I read to it on the biases of how the book made me feel when reading it. So few have given me the same feeling as Interview With a Vampire.

Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. - I want to, it's just with the TV show going on, the likely hood of me actually reading the books goes down. Maybe when the show is over, I'll go back and read the series?

90% of the books on my "to-read" list on Goodreads. - I have a nasty habit of adding books that I'd like to read to that list with out thinking of if I'd ever actually get around to reading them. 

The rest of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. - Back when True Blood was in it's prime (Season 3) I read the first, I think 4.5 books in the series. They were just so silly, and none of the characters had any kind of development, and the villains weren't even very threatening. 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. - I have nothing against the genre, I actually have been reading quite a bit of Contemporary Romance since reading the first one ever about a year ago. I just don't really like "cute" Contemporary Romance. And from every review I've seen or read on the series that is what it is.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. - This is solely biased on how hyped the book is, and Im not a huge fan of historical fiction. I've read the genre before and I just don't care for it. Add in the time travel, it sounds like a hotmess.

(Technically, this is more than 10... but I don't care)


  1. I had Fifty Shades of Grey on my list-it seems to be a popular choice this week! I agree with your take on classic novels, it's pretty much the same as mine. I also had anything by John Green on my list, TFIOS was enough for me! I don't think I'd like Lord of The Rings, or Game of Thrones, and I hate books where the primary focus is romance, so I'd probably hate Anna and The French Kiss too!
    My TTT:

    1. For me it depends on why romance is the focus of the story. When it comes to Contemporary romance, the reason is pretty obvious, but when it's in Fantasy, I get choosy about why there's romance in it.

  2. Same here about John Green. I read TFiOS and while I found it enjoyable I don't get why people treat it like the bestest book they've read. Also, John Green is really antipathic to me for some reason. Don't even ask haha.
    The Outlander series sounds way too hyped for my taste, and since they made the tv shows it's even more popular. Also, I fully support your choice of not reading Fifty Shades. I read all three books and I have no idea how I survived without brain damage, Anna was literary the stupidest character I've ever read about.
    Great list. :)
    Veronika @ My TTT

    1. One of my friends keeps asking me if I've read Outlander yet, I don't really have the heart to tell her I don't want to or care to.

  3. I am not going to read the 50 Shades Trilogy either. I read and review erotica novels on my blog, but am not interested in the hype of this series.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

    1. Someone pointed out that the only reason why 50 Shades is considered a romance is because the guy is a millionaire, and that if he were just a guy, the story would have been creepy.