Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Title: The Bane Chronicles
Author: Cassandra Clare,  Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Cassandra Jean(Illustrator)
Series: The Bane Chronicles 1-11
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Short story/ Humor
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publication Date: November 11th 2014
Source: Purchase
Purchase: Amazon US | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository 
My Rating: 5 out of 5

 #1 What Really Happened in Peru

#2 The Runaway Queen

#3 Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale

#4 The Midnight Heir

#5 The Rise of the Hotel Dumort

#6 Saving Raphael Santiago

#7 The Fall of the Hotel Dumort

#8 What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

#9 The Last Stand of the New York Institute

#10 The Course of True Love[and first dates]

#11 The Voicemail of Magnus Bane

     This book was so much fun to read. Magnus Bane is awesome and hilarious. I loved reading about his adventures and how far back he goes with the Herondale line.

Each story brought something new that I didn't know about his character, and surprisingly I learned more about Alec as well. That story was really sweet.

This was a great addition to my Shadowhunter book collection and if you are a fan of Cassie's books, you will love this collection of stories about Mr.Bane's adventures through the centuries.

I loved this book, and I am really glad I finally got around to reading it. I honestly wouldn't mind reading more stories about him. I am sure there are many more tales to tell.


  1. I want more Magnus stories as well. He is such an interesting character and I adore learning new things about him.

    1. Maybe there will be more of him in Tales from Shadowhunter Academy series. The second novella series.