Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chaos and Moonlight by A.D. Marrow

Author: A.D. Marrow 
Series: Order of the Nines #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romance
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
Publication Date: May 6th 2015
Source: NetGalley
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     "The Nines, an elite group of vampires, was established to stand as protection for their race. Fractured by centuries of betrayal and loss, the group is now little more than myth, its remaining members scarred and shattered.
     Taris, the oldest living vampire, is no stranger to loss and heartbreak. He is all that holds the Nines together as they struggle to save themselves from total extinction.
     Enter the beautiful and brilliant Dr. Sarah Bridgeman, whose medical research has resulted in a breakthrough for both humans and vampires. Her work may be the salvation this weary band of guardians has been looking for.
     Taris needs to reach Sarah and enlist her help—before those aligned against him can act. Can a vampire king convince a stunning young scientist to save a species that isn’t even supposed to exist?
     For now, only one thing is certain: no science can explain the explosive chemistry between them."


This book started out a little slow, and admittedly I was unsure if I was going to like it. I actually forgot that I requested this book. But I kept at it, and I am glad I did. While I may have been unsure of the characters at first, I grew to like all of them. Though the drag queen vampire, was a pretty strange character.

Taris, he was a fairly stoic through the first few chapters of this book, but you quickly understand why. He's race is dying, his family is in shambles, and he's fighting an attraction to the very person who can save his family. That was kind of the one thing that I didn't really care for, was the obvious insta-love, but the book itself states that it's ridiculous, and crazy so I appreciated that the book didn't act like it was a normal thing to fall in love with in just a couple hours to a day.

Sarah, I liked her. She was sassy, and funny. But was realistic when it came to her accepting that vampires exist. She didn't buy it easily. To me it seemed like a real response to the situation. While I did like her character, at times she was a little annoying.

The villains were also well written characters, they were a little unhinged and almost cartoony with how bananas they were. But I still liked their characters, and I with how things ended I am curious to who the antagonist is going to be in the next book.

The lore created for these vampires was different from any other book in the genre that I have read. These vampires, were born centuries ago, not the cliche ones that have been done a thousand times. Vampire books are a dime a dozen, so I always appreciate it when an author makes an effort to do something different with a creature that everyone has heard of.

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