Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday 56: The Body Electric by Beth Revis

This is a weekly meme hosted by Freda's Voice

These are the rules:
1. Grab a book, any book.
2. Turn to page 56, or 56% on your eReader.
3. Find any sentence (or a few, just don't spoil it) that grabs you.
4. Post it.
5. Add the URL to your post in the link on Freda's most recent Friday 56 post.


56% on my tablet:
     "Jack tilts my face until I meet his eyes again, "Ella," he says, his voice dark and grave. "I realize that you don't remember me. But if you did, you'd know that I would never become the kind of person you seem to think I already am. But I will not let myself be turned into.... whatever those things are. If I have to kill, I'll kill -- I'll do what it takes to protect myself, and humanity. But to resort to violence, you can rest assured I will not just explode half the city and kill innocent people. If I'm going to kill someone, then I'm going to look that person in the eye when I do it, and they are going to know why I am doing it."

"The future world is at peace.
     Ella Shepherd has dedicated her life to using her unique gift--the ability to enter people's dreams and memories using technology developed by her mother--to help others relive their happy memories.
But not all is at it seems.
     Ella starts seeing impossible things--images of her dead father, warnings of who she cannot trust. Her government recruits her to spy on a rebel group, using her ability to experience--and influence--the memories of traitors. But the leader of the rebels claims they used to be in love--even though Ella's never met him before in her life. Which can only mean one thing...
Someone's altered her memory.
     Ella's gift is enough to overthrow a corrupt government or crush a growing rebel group. She is the key to stopping a war she didn't even know was happening. But if someone else has been inside Ella's head, she cannot trust her own memories, thoughts, or feelings.
So who can she trust?"


  1. What an intriguing snippet & synopsis!

    1. It's a really good book. You should check it out.

  2. I've been hearing good things about this one and it's on my TBR!
    My 56 -

    1. This was such a good and strange book. It's one of my favorite stand-alone books.

  3. Replies
    1. You should. It's amazing. If you read Across the Universe by her you'll love this. Godspeed is mentioned. :D

  4. Jack made me weak at the knees... I have a feeling his has the same effect on Ella too. :-) Awesome!
    Happy weekend!

    1. He's a really well written and very interesting character. You have a great weekend as well. :)

  5. You have won me over - it's now on my list. Sounds like a fun read. You picked a great quote! - Louise

    1. Such a good book. It's in my top 10 favorite stand alone books.

  6. Hmm a stand alone book, I like the sound of that.