Sunday, April 5, 2015

Aurum by H.J. Lawson

Sanction Series #2
     "Trinity has spent her life living the in the jungle, away from the Sanction world which the Emperor and the Untouchables created. Everything she knew about the outside was from murals on the pyramid walls, where she and the other members of the Enlighten tribe live. 
     One day while out hunting, the dark presence of Death appears by her side, and she becomes the hunted…
     Dax has returned home to the Purenet Sanction, as his family holds his friends and loved ones hostage. Alone and helpless, he slips back into his old life… until true friends show him the way out.
     Skylier’s fate is sealed. Time is her only hope… to get away from her fear worse than death"

I received this book from the author for review.

It took me a couple pages to fall back into this series, since this book is told from a different POV than the first. In this book we follow Trinity, a member from the Enlightened Tribe, and Dax. Skylier isn't really part of this story, which kind of works, even though I would have liked this book to be about rescuing her from being the Host for  her really gross and sadistic older half-brother, it was more about gathering the troops in order to take down the truly messed up government.

While I liked this book, it didn't really feel like it was part of the same story, other than the presence of Dax and Xander. I liked getting to know more people from around this new world, but I kind of would've preferred to stay in contact with the same characters from the first book. Throwing in a new MC, while kind of ignoring one of the other ones, kind of made this book feel disconnected from the first in the series. 

This book was action packed, but in a way, that's all it seemed to be. 90% of the book was the characters escaping some group of enemies. Just as the story felt like it was actually going to start the book was over.  In a way, this book was kind of like a really short roller coaster with lots of turns. It's exciting while you're reading it, but in the end, you ask you're self  "It's over already." 

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