Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

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This week is the top ten books I can't believe I haven't read yet, (and really want to).
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1) Insta-love. This is one I know 98% of the population hates to read. It doesn't make sense and it's dumb. If they admit that it's insta-attraction, then we'd accept it more. Thankfully I haven't read a book with insta-love in a couple years.

2) Overused cliche character tropes. I can only read "good virginal girl meets playboy who changes his ways for her and only her" before it gets really old and over done. Sometimes it's done in a way that makes more sense that he'd commit to one girl, but most of the time it's just an annoying overused trope.

3) When their "love" becomes more about sex. I admit to occasionally reading a smutty book, but when a book is supposed to be about how much they love each other and their "connection" but instead they are going at it like rabbits every 10 pages instead of actually forming any kind of connection or even talking, but still claim love, it really irks me.

4) When the girl is introduced as independent and headstrong, but as soon as she "falls in love", she becomes a useless lump who can't do anything on her own. I just really hate that, it undermines the character and does the reverse of character development. It's also annoying

5) Male characters that are super overbearing and bossy and the girl just lets him, especially when at that point in the story when they aren't even dating yet. I guess it's supposed to be "sexy assertiveness", or whatever. All I know is if a guy who you are attracted to, and who is attracted to you decides it's his job to tell you what to do; it should be a sign of things to come and can only get worse from there.


1) Best friends that finally admit they've loved each other for years. This is possibly the most realistic a couple can get. It often gives a cute story. But sometimes there is also lots of angst and drama, things that are real in relationships. I tend to enjoy more of the realistic romances over cute fluffy romance books.

2) When the couple starts off hating each other. This generally means that they are both attracted to each other but neither wants to admit it. These stories also tend to have lots of humor.

3) It's always good when both parties treat the other like an equal. Sadly, this isn't very common for some reason, but when it does happen, I love it. From my hates list, you can see how much I loathe when one person in the relationship is overbearing.

4) Slow building romance. It's always nice to read romance books that depict realistic people. The slow burn of attraction is real and when I read a book with that in it, it always feels like a breath of fresh air. All the small moments, the tentative looks, me sitting there yelling in my mind to just kiss already.

5) Humor. I love a good romance that makes me laugh. Be it the funny banter of enemies turned lovers, or just cute and funny moments between friends turned lovers. Love and laughter should go hand in hand.


  1. I totally agree with you on the instant love thing. I don't even know how authors can enjoy writing about something like that.

    1. It goes with the fairy tale thing of Love at first sight... which doesn't exist in reality.