Monday, February 16, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have (Oh boy....)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish
This week it's the Top Ten Bookish problems;
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1) I request too many books from NetGalley while having unread purchased books sitting on my shelf.
    Most of the time, I'll request a book that I haven't even read the synopsis of, I just want to read books sometimes. I think I do it to postpone reading books I've spent money on.

2) I will stop reading a book completely if something happens I don't like.
   I don't know if this is exactly a problem, but last year I had a good number of abandoned books. I know many people who can't leave a book unfinished no matter how much they are hating it. But me, I can't bring myself to spend the time reading something I'm not enjoying. I mean, those are minutes of my life that I can spend doing something else, or reading something I'll enjoy.

3) There are more books that I want to read than I could possibly read in my lifetime.
    This is where I wish immortality existed, or some kind of time warp. I know I will never get all the books I want to read, read. Which is why I am unsure if #2 on this list is actually a problem.

4) Not enough money to buy all the books I want to.
    I have a really small book buying budget, and it makes me sad. Especially since I live within walking distance from Barnes and Noble.

5) Not enough space.
     In a way, it's a good thing that I don't have a large book-buying budget since I wouldn't have the space to put them anywhere. Doesn't change the fact that it is a contributing factor to why I don't buy as many books I want to.

This is a dream item for when I can afford to buy a house. I kind of need this.

6) I buy/download too many eBooks.
   Well, I did last year. I don't like spending more than 3-4$ on eBooks, because of my previously mentioned small book buying budget... but then I don't really think about how those can add up over time. But it's really those free ones that I get too many of. Ones I know nothing about, I just DL them because they are free.

7) Mis-matched books.
    When The Husband to gets me a book I want to read, he usually gets me the paperback, since those are cheaper. But the other books I have in the series are hardcover. It crushes me on the insides, but I'm not so petty that I'll complain about it since he was thoughtful enough to get me the book in the first place, but it messes up the flow of my small shelves.

8) I sometimes forget what happens in a book that I've just finished.
    This happens more when I read a book that I wasn't too excited to read in the first place. Like one of those many books, I get from NetGalley. I will eventually remember enough to write a respectable review, but then afterward.. still nothing. It will often happen if I rush through the book too much, which happens when I'm too excited to read the book that I just devour the words for me, and not keeping in mind about writing a review when I'm finished.

9) I will skim a book that I just want to get through.
    If I am not really feeling a book but am still curious as to what will happen at the end of the book, I will skim parts. It's a really bad habit that I am trying to break.

10) I more often than not, read the last page in a book before starting it.
    Sometimes, when I'm reading one of those books that I am interested in reading, but something in the story isn't really working for me, I will read the last page to try and convince myself not to give up. If the ending is intriguing enough, it keeps me from giving up on the book.


  1. Lots of problems that are related to buying/owning books. That's why I mostly use the library.

    1. I would to, but I live no where near a library and I don't have a car. The public transport in my area is really good, but it would still take me an hour on the bus to get to a library. I just wait for books to go on sale, and then only get the ones that I really really want.

  2. I will confess that I have done #10. My husband think that is the epitome of wrong. LOL

    1. Everyone that I know that knows I do that has been appalled that I do that. Ha

  3. Numbers 3 & 6, I can completely relate to!! Here's a link to my TTT for the week:

    1. I've been forcing myself to not download free books, just because they are free. So far I've been doing a good job.