Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross

Sisters #1
Summary via Goodreads:
     "Wren Noble is dead—she was born that way. Vibrant, unlike other dead things, she craves those rare moments when her twin sister allows her to step inside her body and experience the world of the living. 
     Lark Noble is alive but often feels she belongs in the muted Shadow Lands—the realm of the dead. Known as the crazy girl who talks to her dead sister, she doesn't exactly fit in with the living, though a recent suicide attempt and time in a psych ward have proved to her she's not ready to join her sister in the afterlife. 
     Now the guy who saved Lark's life needs her to repay the favor. He and his friends have been marked for death by the malevolent spirit of a vicious and long-dead serial killer, and the twins—who should know better than to mess with the dead—may be their only hope of staying alive."

I received this book from NetGalley for review:

This book started off a little rocky for me. I have a hard time buying into books that involve ghosts, since there are few that I have read that capture my attention for long. Ghost stories are hard to not come across as campy.

The concept of this story was made really interesting as the Main characters being twins and one of them was a still born, something that most non-paranormal books seem to avoid. The thought of dead babies is not something people want to think about. But, for some reason, Wren even though she was never alive, has grown up with her sister Lark. 

Most of the side characters I liked, and a couple I really didn't care for. I didn't like Sarah, or Kevin. They were unnecessarily mean towards Lark. Kevin, a medium, angry at her for upsetting Wren when he hardly knows her and seems to only feel attachment to her because she was the first ghost he has made full contact with. And Sarah, is just angry because her boy friend seems to care about Lark ever since he saved her life. Both reasons are a little petty and it annoyed me a little. 

The romance aspect of this book was kind of 'meh' for me. I didn't find the "connection" between Kevin and Wren really all that believable, and it really felt forced, but I guess that was kind of the point since for Wren, other than Lark, he's the only one of the living she can talk to, and I mentioned, she was the first ghost he's ever made full contact with. As for Lark and Ben, that one was a little more off in bad way. I wasn't expecting them to form any thing more than friendship, I was actually expecting more of a romantic connection between Lark and Mason.

The ghost hunter part of the story was what really kept me reading. It was creepy and awesome. Lark was really awesome during the fighting parts of the book. The serial killer ghost was really intriguing and even though he was twisted I kind of loved his character. There is something fascinating about a really well written villain that has no real motive other than just causing mayhem. 

I am really curious to where the series is headed, and I look forward to reading those books.


  1. I have only read a couple books about ghosts but I do agree with you that it is easy to mess up things up when ghosts are concerned. You saying the book is creepy is all I need to avoid it. The cover creeps me out as it is.

    1. It's really not that creepy. More weird at times.