Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Griever's Mark by Katherine Hurley

Grievers Mark #1
     Before Astarti’s mother abandoned her to the deadly ocean tides, she gave her infant daughter a parting gift: a tattoo known as the Griever’s Mark, meant to carry her into death. But before the tide could claim her, the Earthmaker Belos, cast out by his people for his cruelty and for delving into forbidden magic, found and saved her. At least, that’s his story.
     For seventeen years, Astarti has served Belos, using her control of the energy world, known as the Drift, to help Belos gain power throughout the kingdom of Kelda. Though she hates her master, the Leash he has anchored deep within her makes defiance impossible.
     But when Logan, a handsome Earthmaker with his own reasons to hate Belos, recognizes that Astarti may be more than she seems, Astarti begins to unravel Belos’s lies: about her Mark, about her parents, and, most importantly, about her power. Astarti also discovers that Belos’s plans are bigger and more terrible than anyone has guessed, and she must decide: how much will she risk to stand against him? 

I received this book from NetGalley for review.

There was something uniquely special about this book. Took me a little to get into, I wasn't sure if I'd want to finish it. But, I felt that I should read more of the book before deciding that I wasn't going to like it after only a couple chapters. And I am so glad that I did. The magic was really interesting and different from many things I have read, even though it wasn't really explained very well. There are Drifters, and Earthmakers. The Earthmaker magic was easier to understand, basically they can control the natural elements. Drifter magic is still kind of a mystery to me. I wish it had been explained better and more in depth.

Astarti is a very interesting character, a little perplexing at first, and I didn't understand any of her motivations for any of her actions. She's reckless but smart. Fierce and yet still a little timid at times. All she knows of her life before being with Belos is what he has told her, and though she seems to know he likes to keep secrets, for some reason she trusts what he's told her as full fact, that is until she meets Logan.

Logan is a very well rounded character in my opinion. He is just as reckless as she is, very stubborn. There were a couple chapters written from his POV, and I really would have liked there to be more. I would want to read their first meeting from his POV. The first time we see anything from his POV is more than halfway through the book and then not again until near the end.

While this book could use some improvements, I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. This book was full of great characters, an interesting and different world and an exciting plot. I look forward to read the sequel when it comes out.


  1. Besides Astarti and Logan are any chapters from another persons point of view?
    Would you say this has a romance element to it?
    Is Belos abusive to Astarti?

    1. It's mostly all from Her POV.
      Logan and Astari start to have feelings for each other, it feels a little forced though
      Well, she's his slave, so yea a little but none is described, only mentioned and the evidence is shown as well.