Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Calmly, Carefully, Completely by Tammy Falkner

Reed Brothers #3
She’s been locked upeven longer than he has.
     Peter Reed is fresh out of jail, fresh out of excuses, and ready for a brand new start.
Reagan Caster needs to thank Pete for an act of kindness, but he wants more than just her thanks.
     Reagan knows how to protect her body, but not her heart. And her traitorous body responds to Pete in a way it hasn't with anyone else.When Pete's innocent flirtation becomes more, Reagan's ready to accept what he has to offer.
     Pete assumes Reagan needs to be loved carefully and calmly. 
But Reagan knows she needs to be loved completely. 
Can he give her what she needs?

Pete and Reagan's story is not as light-hearted as Logan and Emily's. There's still the same under lining tone, but Pete and Reagan's story doesn't have as happy of a start.
Reagan was assaulted 2 and a half years ago, and Pete was her hero that night, neither forgot the other, but life went on.

 Then Pete got busted doing something stupid to try and make sure his older brother Matt would be able to continue to get his cancer treatment. Two years later he gets out, on the condition that he works at a farm for a week with disabled kids and teens from a juvenile center. That's where he sees Reagan again for the first time.

Reagan's father isn't too keen in the idea of any boy getting close to his daughter especially after what happened, and even though he know's that Pete isn't a real threat to his daughter's safety he still doesn't like it. But Pete is the first person outside her family that she feels safe around. She fell for him the night he saved her.

There were some light-hearted moments in this story, it just didn't have the happiest beginnings. What I appreciate most about this author is that she doesn't give us cliche'd characters. Sure the boys in these books are all tattoo'd but they aren't "bad boys". They didn't treat women like objects before they fell in love, they aren't assholes. And they girls aren't Mary-sue characters.

They might have small fractures that don't make them completely perfect, but they aren't damaged either. They are strong interesting characters. One thing though is, this book, as far as I know, doesn't have a PG-13 friendly version. So, if you don't like those kinds of scenes or are younger, you might have to skip this book.

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  1. Had me until you mentioned it does not come in a PG13 version.