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The 10 Series I Won't Be Finishing

Another tag that I have borrowed from booktube, this time it comes from ChapterStackss.

For the most part I like to finish a series, even if I didn't love the first book. But sometimes, when I have had enough of a series, I won't finish it no matter how many books are left in the series.

Number One:
Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlene Harris.

 Now I read the first 4.5 books shortly after the third season of True Blood came out. I wanted to see what the source material was like. This was one of very few times in history of TV/Movie adaptation when the adaptation was much better than the books. In the middle of the fifth book I just couldn't take it any more with all the different Were's she had. (Werefoxes, werepanthers, weretigers, the list goes on) And none of the "villains" really felt very threatening. The MC was able to get herself out of all these perilous situations like it was nothing. It was unbelievable, even though the story is an urban fantasy, and very campy.

Number Two:
The Syrena Legacy series by Anna Banks

I just finished reading the second book in this series, and I really wish I hadn't. You can read my full review on it here.

Number Three:
Off series by Sawyer Bennett

I only read the first book, and there was so little I had to say about it I couldn't really even write a review. It was such a generic cliched story I had nothing to say. But since the rest of the books seem to be more companion novels rather than actual sequels, I doubt I'd be missing out much anyways.

Number Four:

Altered series by Jennifer Rush

I read the first two, they were pretty decent. But the second book ended in a way that I felt wrapped up the story pretty well. I don't think a third one will add anything to the story, so I don't plan on reading it.

Number Five:

The Gray Wolves series by Quinn Loftis

I went into this book knowing that it was a YA book, what I wasn't expecting was a story that was more aimed for much younger teens. The dialog was pretty painful to read, and how no 18-year-old I've ever known would talk but more how 14 /15-year-old kids talk and behave.


Number Six:
Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers series by Nathan Wrann

From the title of the series, I'm sure you can assume what this book is about. Vampires. The thing is, that this book just didn't wow me enough to finish the series. Because I personally feel that Twilight has ruined the Vampire genre of books, at least for me. So I am extremely picky when it comes to Vampire books. And while the book I read had enough differences to it for it to be an original concept with-in the genre different doesn't always equal interesting or entertaining. The characters were boring and had basically zero personality.

Number Seven:

The VIP Room series by Jamie Begley

This book, while it had some fairly enjoyable parts, was very generic as far as plot goes. A lot of cliche dialog and plot lines. The story is pretty forgettable, I read the book in March, and have already forgotten the bulk of the book. I had to re-read my old review to refresh my memory.

Number Eight:

Revenants series by Amy Plum

While I didn't hate the first book (the only one I read in this series), in the end, it was just a story about a girl who "fell in love" with an immortal. And those books are a dime a dozen. It was well written and I liked the characters, there just wasn't much else to this book other than the flimsy romance.

Number Nine:

Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams

From what I remember about the first book, which isn't much, it was painful to read. I think I stopped reading it more than once. I can't think of a single notable thing about that book, other than the dialog was awful.

Number Ten:

Fallen series by Lauren Kate

This is the last and certainly least likely book series I will finish. I slogged through the first thee, and I really hate myself for it. The concept in the first book is what made me stick it out through the second book, and when still nothing noteworthy happened I thought "Okay, maybe it's a really big set up and the third book will start explaining wtf is going on with Luce and Daniel." Well, I was so very very wrong. I don't want to get into it since I already wrote a full review on it (here)

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