Sunday, April 13, 2014

Born to Fight by Tara Brown

Summary via Goodreads:
       "When Emma wakes strapped to a cold metal table she has only one name on her lips, "Marshall!" What she doesn't expect is discovering that he is only one of the disturbing people in her small world who deserves to die in a fiery death. 
       Twenty years ago scientists made some remarkable discoveries with genetics and the ability to perfect the babies we gave birth to.
       Ten years ago the governments of the world made a hard choice, earth or people.
       Nine weeks ago the choices they made came full circle.
Fourteen days ago the truth of their mutations leaked out into the borderlands and other areas.
       Yesterday the worst thing they ever made learned about what she was.
    Today she's coming for them and she knows about the strengths they gave her.
Tomorrow she plans on destroying everything.
She plans on starting with her own creator. Her own father."

There is just something about this series that I can't really explain. It is interesting, the characters are fine. The story is fairly unique, yet at the same time I feel like I have read this story before, or stories just like this before. While some of the situations are very different from what most other dystopian-ya books have, adding these things doesn't make the story better or different enough from other books in this genre.

The main character, Emma, it is finally explained in this book why she is so crazy, but it feels more like a cop-out than something that was planned on being part of the story from the beginning. Her erratic behavior made sense from her being alone for 10 years. Growing up entirely alone, not being around a single other human being wouldn't exactly give someone a chance to develop social skills.

The freaking love triangle in this book was just stupid. There is no real reason for either guy to have feelings of love for this girl. She is a terrible person, mean, selfish, incredibly erratic. She's supposed to be "pretty" but that isn't a good enough reason to love someone. She's not even nice to either of them. She just keeps kissing the older brother, the one that is mean to her and likes to manhandle her and treat her like he owns her.

The plot did get a little more interesting in this book, things started happening that made this series interesting enough that I actually really want to know what happens, and this is one book where if the Protag. dies I won't care. I actually think I'd be annoyed if she lived. But the only way I'll finish this series is if I can find the last book for the same price I got the first two for ( 1$ )

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  1. I know not to put this book on to my read shelf.