Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top 5 Books I'd Like to See on the Big Screen.

I like to borrow these from booktubers, this time it was bethjune327 who I got this from.

          This trilogy isn't even done and it was already one of my favorites at book one. There is so much amazingness book I don't even know where to start. The fantastical world it's set in brightens my imagination in so many wonderful ways. Topped with great characters and a villain that you love and hate, with the right cast and production team little could go wrong.

          I know this already had it's rights sold, but I need need need to see this made into a movie. I love these characters so much and the story is entertaining and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I want to see Patch in the flesh. Granted they cast someone worthy of portraying that sexy sexy fallen angel.

3) Storm
          Another great book, about hot boys that can control the elements... what's not to love? Though, I think this would almost be better served as a TV show over movies. With the first book focusing on Chris and Becca, and the rest focusing on the other brothers and their love interests, movies would be awkward. Either way, I think this could potentially be great on any kind of screen.

          Heck, who wouldn't want to see Daemon on the big screen in all his shirtless wonder?
Drooling over eye-candy aside, the Lux series has more than a handful of great characters. Coupled with the wonderful witty dialogue, and the mystery surrounding the first book this book turned movie would be a great change to the numerous movies about angels and vampires.

          This book is so wonderful I both want to see it made into a movie and don't at the same time. I can gush and gush about how good this book is, but I don't have that kind of time, or patience. The writing is so magical that I can get such a clear and beautiful picture of everything in this book and that could make it easy to be made into a movie but at the same time it could be the down fall if this were to be made into a movie.

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