Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Post Ideas from Booktube: Top 5's

Here are my top five male characters and book couples.

My top five favorite male characters:

5) Neville Longbottom  From Harry Potter

          This character is so vastly under appreciated. Sure at first we wonder how the crap he got into Gryffindor. By all rights, he seems more like a Hufflepuff. He's shy, a push-over, not very good in many of his classes and seemingly scared of everything. But that's what make what he does so brave. Even though he is scared to death, he still risks his life to protect his friends and everyone else he cares about.

4) Simon Lewis From The Mortal Instruments

          Simon is the ultimate nerd representation in a book. I think he is the best, and I actually really love how he balances Isabelle. Where she is all tough and chic warrior, Simon is sweet, and kind of a hopeless romantic. And then he gets all sexy as well when he becomes a Vampire.

3) Prince Dorian  From Throne of Glass

        Dorian is a great character, even though we've only known him for two books. Where his father is all about domination and war, Dorian seems to be more interested in ending what he sees as a pointless war. He starts off as somewhat of a womanizer,  kind of what we would call a "playboy" these days, but when he meets Celaena, he falls so in love with her that he starts to behave like a King, a man rather than a reckless 19-year-old, and I think it brings something interesting to his character and how the series will unfold

2) Prince Magnus From Falling Kingdoms

          One of the most complex characters I have ever read about. Barely out of his teens, and having a sadist for a father, you'd think it would make him a harder and colder person than he actually is. Sure he's not the kindest Prince, or man, in the kingdoms and he is in no way a hero, but the complexity of his character and how much he struggles with just about everything makes him a very interesting and great character.

          Possibly the sweetest male character in a contemporary novel. His kindness towards his best friend's little sister, Amber, is so endearing. At first, he is kind of a man-whore, but ever since he was 10 he held Amber in her sleep to keep the nightmares of her abusive father at bay. And everything that he and Amber go through in this book, and how he is there for her through it all just makes me really wish there were more men like him in the world.

Top Five Fictional Couples:

5) Chris and Becca From Storm

          I just think they are a really cute couple and how they get together is cute and actually really believable even set in a paranormal situation. The way they end up together is only biased off of "regular" human situations. 

4) Daemon and Katy From Obsidian

          All the witty banter and arguments, make them a fun equal minded couple. And I love how it takes more than one book for them to end up together. Yeah they have a heavy make-out in the first book and they are clearly attracted to one another early on, but there is no 'insta-love' where they meet and instantly are confessing love and becoming a couple.

3) Alina and Malyen (Mal) From Grisha

          Best friends and orphans since childhood. At first, Alina just loved Mal secretly. Her being considered plain and him being very handsome she just resigned herself to being his friend because that meant she could be close to him. But when she unknowingly unlocks a strong power inside and they are separated Mal quickly comes to the realization of how much she really does mean to him.

2) Day and June From Legend

         Complete equals two sides of the same coin. This couple is just great. They compliment one another. June being the hardened solder, a prodigy at 16 she is already graduating the academy. She's from a rich family and has had a life of privilege. Day, the boy from the streets, he grew up with virtually nothing, yet he is still full of hope for a better future for his family. The things they go through, and what they accomplish together is amazing. (Also, we got a really great ending to the series)

1) Juliette and (Aaron) Warner from Shatter Me

          They have some pretty fiery chemistry. I love their dynamic together, and even though I have yet to read the third and final book. The times they were together in the other books I just love them together. Their fiery chemistry only makes me assume that they end up together, or maybe it's just a fruitless hope, I just love them together so much that I want it to happen.

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  1. Neville all the way! He has always been one of my favorite character from Harry Potter.