Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Curse of Shadow and Light by Penelope King

Demonblood #3
  For one to live, the other must die.'
Devastated. Exiled. Hunted.
     Lucky and Liora's life has never been easy. But up until now at least they had a least they had him.
But all that is gone and it's time to start over in a new place. A place with new friends, and new enemies, and new dangers. Only now, it's coming from both sides. Angels and demons want them dead. Because only Lucky and Liora hold the key that can tip the balance of power, and undo everything...
     Unless one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice.
The question is, who?

I honestly don't even know where to begin. This book was just amazing. I just happened across the first book in this series, and instantly fell in love with all the characters. Liora/Lucky, Bones, Tattie, Corrine and Kieron. All great strong interesting complex characters.

This book picks up pretty much instantly where the last one left off. Liora/Lucky, Corrine and Kieron are on there way to California to stay with Tattie's twin in hope she'll protect them from the Light Angels. (Do not be fooled, they are jerks)

This book started off a little slow, but picked up pretty quickly. There was a great amount of action and suspense. Tons of ass-kicking from both Lucky and Liora. And a couple shocking discoveries that, I wasn't too surprised about, but I still loved the twists. This series is just the best under-rated series I have ever read. It is so good.

The book had a nice wrap up, and I loved the way it ended, but the author has another book in the works, and I am actually really curious as to where she'll take things. Either way, I highly, highly recommend this series. Great characters, engaging story lines, suspense, romance, it has everything.

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