Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bookish Academy Awards

So, I got this idea from a booktuber, itscherie702 , But since I do not have a camera I decided to make a blog post. So here we go.


Best Actor:
(Best Male Protagonist)
        Daemon Black. He is just one of the greatest male character's I have read in a long while. Sure, he's kind of a jerk when we first meet him in Obsidian, but there is also something about the way in which he cares for people that matter to him that makes it hard to hate him. And I always like when a guy can carry playful banter with someone and isn't only about making out with them.

Best Actress:
(Best Female Protagonist)
        June Iparis. A true warrior and fighter. Nothing about this girl is fragile or in need of anybody's protection. At least not at first. But the longer she is with Day the more he softens her heart towards life. Since she was born into a life of privilege, and being a prodigy, everything was practically given to her. Day was a close second for best male Protag, because he is the other side of the same coin as June.

Best Cinematography:
(Best Plot Twist)
      Allegiant. The ending was something that I was not expecting. I mean, wow. What a way to end a series. I Don't want to go into detail since I know there are people who haven't read it yet. (get on it people)

Best Costume Design:
(Best Book Cover)
        Clockwork Princess. It has the best cover art ever. So pretty and just wow.

Best Supporting Actress and Actor:
(Best Male and Female Sidekick)
        I am going to be picking Simon. He starts off as this mostly background character but never a dull character. He always has something witty to say and a lot of great one-liners, and is always able to hold his own against Jace.

Best Original Screenplay:
(Most Unique Plot/World)
        It's a toss up between Shadow & Bone, and Daughter of Smoke & Bone. Both books have really interesting and engaging characters as well as a great story.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
(Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation)
        Going only with books I have read that were made into a movie I am going to have to say Catching Fire. So good, I need to say no more.

Best Animated Feature:
(A book that would work well in animated format)
        The Book of Deacon. With the variety of magical beings there are in this story, I can only see it being made into some kind of animated format, if it were to be put on the big screen.

Best Director:
(A writer you discovered for the first time)
           Brigid Kemmerer. Even though her characters could be considered paranormal beings, they sound like real people, something that is a breath of fresh air in the sea of YA-fiction writers. None of the dialog is awkward or clunky in her books.

Best Visual Effects:
(Best Action in a Book)
        This has to go to City of Lost Souls. The book when Clary finally comes into her own, and becomes the warrior that has always been buried inside, and she totally kicks Sebastian's ass.

Best Musical Score:
(Best Music in a book-to-movie adaptation)
        The Hunger Games movies. The score for those movies, or rather the times when there is no music it really brings you into the story even more.

Best Short Film:
(Best Novella or Short Book)
      The Throne of Glass prequel books. They are so good, those books really drew me even more to the series. They are so well written and make the series all the more interesting.

Best Picture:
(Best Stand-Alone)
        I don't read many stand-alone books, but that is mainly because they are damned hard to find. But this goes to The Assassins of Tamurin. So well written, great characters, great plot, totally worth it.

Best Documentary:
(Best Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction)
        To Kill a Mockingbird. I know most people only read this book because it was assigned reading in school, but I actually quite love this book. It gives a pretty great lesson on not judging people, and acceptance.

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