Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shattered Souls by Katrice Bolton

Witch Avenue #4
"A battle is brewing among the covens…
As Triss prepares to defeat the Praedivinus, a new order rises, and this one is far more deadly. Navigating her way through mystic realms, and unknown portals it is up to Triss to recognize real from imagined and stop the two from colliding."

I devoured this book. It was fantastic.
The final book in Bolton's Witch Avenue Series, I need a moment to collect myself, So many feelings happened while reading this book. Even though these books are written in first-person, that doesn't change the fact that I was worried about what kind of ending I, as a reader, was going to be given. I didn't know if the author would decide to be evil or not and kill off Logan or something horrible. It was torture to read this book, I had to fight to not read the ending first. But I made it through, and I just power read through this book because I needed to know the end, and I needed it to be happy, and it was. It was all sappy and overly happy, but I don't care, because I got the ending that I wanted.

But before I get ahead of myself and just talk about the ending, I need to mention the meat of the book. The book starts with Triss heading off to rescue two of her captured Coven members. She is able to but not without a minor hitch. The members of thePraedivinus Order are after her, wanting to know exactly what skills she has, and at the same time have put a price on her head because they don't want her to be their leader. There are so many different conflicts in this book. Logan has a small conflict with Triss about her rejecting immortality, the Demoniker Order wants to take control of the Praedivinus Order, and to kill Logan because he's the one who killed Lara, who we find out was his wife and girlfriend for many, many years. The leader of the Demoniker Order, Ethan, is far colder and calculating than anybody else they have faced. Part of his reason is that he believed that Lara left him, and the other small part is that when they were young, she broke up with him and started dating Logan's father.
Logan and Triss are still madly in love, but things are rocky because she has accepted that she's going to die when she turns 20 and Logan isn't willing to just let her go. And I've got to be honest, there was a part where Ethan plants a false memory in their minds, and I got really choked up. Not many books can do that to me, this one did. They are also apparently still having loads of sex, the amount could have been awkward if the scenes were described.
Triss' mother is almost back to normal but before she moves back into her home, Triss and Logan are attacked by members of the Demoniker Order. Asking them in a very passive aggressive way to just come and meet up with the leader. After their very un-educational meeting with Ethan, Logan and Triss decide that it would be safer for their mom's if they moved out of that house. Dace and Bakula want them to go back into hiding but neither Logan or Triss see the point in that, certain that them hiding out in the woods would make them no more or less safe than if they just stayed in the city.
A bunch of shenanigans ensue, and they head off to the old compound of the Praedivinus Order to duke it out in some massive brawl against both dark sorcery orders, and her coven with some help from the Fairies. No big surprise that they win, and we get a super happy wonderful ending that we all want, this is a wonderful series.

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