Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton

Witch Avenue #1
     "Devastated by the loss of her mother, Triss throws herself into uncovering clues surrounding her mother’s disappearance. When the Witch Avenue Coven turns their back on Triss, she realizes she’s caught in a world that is ruled by Lonely Souls. But who is controlling them? 
     Recognizing the herbal lore she grew up learning will do little to fight against the underworld, she is relieved when her best friend from childhood, Logan, returns to help her find answers. When they begin uncovering secrets from her family’s past, she learns her mother might not have been the only target. 
     But as Triss falls deeply for Logan, she discovers her family isn’t the only one with secrets and his may be deadly."

Triss is a 17(almost 18) year old girl. It's the summer after her senior year, and as her birthday approaches, as well as the ceremony that gets her inducted into the Witch Coven, her mother mysteriously goes missing. And while she is reluctant to believe that she is anything more than just missing, members of her coven are quick to assume that she is dead. After the memorial service for her mother takes place she is attacked by, what are referred to as, a  lonely soul at her mom's Floral shop. Frightened and confused she begins to feel like she might be losing her mind. When she makes it back to her home her childhood friend, Logan is there to greet her and does everything he knows to help and protect her. As mysteries about what happened to her mom unfold Triss discovers that someone in her own Coven might be involved in not only the attack on her in her mother's floral shop but also in her mom's disappearance. Slowly Triss's feelings for Logan begin to bloom, him no longer being the little boy she grew up with, but a strong, handsome and loving man. Not wanting her feelings for him get in the way of her finding her mother, she tries to lock them away in her heart. But when she learns how a lonely soul is created she begins to open herself up to Logan and hopes he does too. While Logan wants to have that closeness with Triss he is scared of what she might find out as he opens up to her as well.

All-in-all, I really liked this book. It was an enjoyable quick read. I read it in a day. My review on this one is really short because I don't want to give anything away. And this is the first book that was about witches and magic, not counting Harry Potter, that I really enjoyed so it's I guess for lack of a better word, difficult for me to make a comparative review of. I'll definitely be reading the rest of the books in the series, as soon as I can find them... and as long as they are super cheap because I am also super cheap.

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