Friday, January 2, 2015

Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines

Over the past year I have been reading this series. I love these books but for whatever reason I never made a blog-post review for them. These books follow the lives of a group of friend and family as they fall in love and find themselves. When I started this series I read the 4th book first, but since this is a companion series you can read them out of order and you don't have to read them all. But I do suggest reading them all and in order, because they are amazing.

When I started this series I did it with Amanda and Preston, and I think that may have ruined the rest of the characters for me. None of them lived up to those two. Their book is the only one in this series that I have re-read, and more than once too.

I loved meeting all these characters though, their lives and they way they love people is something that doesn't seem real and something that everyone wants from life. Each one of these characters has had to deal with something tragic that brought them closer to the person they love.

The final book to this series was the one that I enjoyed the second most. Learning how Trisha and Rock fell in love and the details behind Trisha's home life was something I wasn't sure I'd really care about learning, until I read it. But that wasn't what I love most about the book, it was all the follow-up epilogues of the other characters. Weddings, births, proposals and a look into the future with the characters kids. And the last line, just two words brought hope and made me squeal a little inside for something that I hope happens. A book, or two that ties this series to another by Mrs.Glines that I recently finished, I really want it to happen. It would be really amazing to see all these characters come together in one book.
Because of Low
While it Lasts
Just For Now
Sometimes it Lasts
Bad For You
Hold on Tight
Until the End

Sea Breeze 1-3

Sea Breeze 4-6

Sea Breeze 7-9

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