Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cinder by Jessica Sorensen

Death Collectors #2
     "Until Asher Morgan came along, nineteen-year-old Ember’s life had always been about death. Being around Asher, though, and being able to be near him and touch him, changed her and made her feel alive for the very first time. But now he’s gone and she’s left dealing with her seclusion again, the emptiness of not being able to be touched, and the curse of the Grim Angel.
     As a battle breaks out between Angels and Reapers, she desperately searches for answers about who she is, where she came from, and what she needs to stop the battle. But things get complicated when Cameron returns to her life and begins messing with her thoughts and emotions.
     Ember tries to hold onto her sanity while the line between life and death begins to blur. Lives are threatened and taken. Murder is everywhere. She needs to figure out what’s real, what’s an illusion, and who she really has feelings for before it’s too late."

This book left a lot to be desired. The first book had a pretty good set up, but this one the story felt rushed, and a little flat. Ember is super depressed since Angel Asher left her, and she is slowly losing her mind apparently. But I suppose it doesn't help that Grim Reaper Cameron is harassing her.

But it does appear that the town has gone to shit. Everybody seems to be under the influence of the mysterious leader of the Grim Reapers. The cops have been keeping tabs on Ember thinking that she's the one murdering people, which is odd since they don't have any proof one way or another to warrant that. I read this book three days ago, and I'm already forgetting half of what happened. I think perhaps the author should have taken more time to write this book. There were too many plotholes, and inconsistencies. The first book was published this past April, and this book came out in November. Clearly she did rush this book.

The third book just now got a title, but no release date yet, but hopefully she'll take her time with that one. This story has so much potential, and I was let down by this book. The first book was so good and interesting, this book just felt like it was lacking something the first had. It could have been better less moping on Ember's part. Knowing that she had a task that she needed to do, you'd think she'd at least try to pull herself together, but she doesn't. She kind of made me want to stuff her in a barrel on more than one occasion. I may end up re-reading this book just so that I can try and figure out what the hell was the plot of this book in the series. In a way, a whole lot of nothing happens, or at least the way the book was written it felt that way. I was just ultimately disappointed with this book. Asher comes back and tells her he was kicked out of heaven no longer having use of his wings. Not sure how that's going to play out in the long run, but it is a semi-interesting plot device. Cameron and Asher are both still fighting for Embers affections, but it all really seems pointless because like in any 'love triangle' the girl has already picked the guy she wants to be with and the other guy that still wants her continues the fight for no reason.

At the end of the book, Ember finally seems to get her head out of her ass but only after the entire town is under the influence of the Grim Reapers, including her best friend and brother. I really hope and want the third book to be as good as I wanted this one to be, this story has the potential to be one of my favorite series.

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